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@alejandrogallo alejandrogallo released this Feb 26, 2019 · 223 commits to master since this release

One of the main developments for version 0.8 is to make papis less
dependent on PyPi, for which some important dependencies have been
added into the main source and is installed with it.

  • Redesign of the picker and tui.

  • Add text_area widget for duplication warnings and papis rm

  • Add color to the logs and potentially throughout the project.

  • Add rudimentary BASE parser
    and include it in papis explore and papis update.

  • Update Hyperlink DOIs to preferred resolver (issue #136)

  • Add click based shell completion for bash and zsh.
    Consult the docs.

  • Add bibtex tests

  • Update export format in bibtex

  • Fix help string in commands

  • papis export -o now appends and does not overwrite

  • Fix existing paths in command addto

  • Add @papis.cli.bypass decorator for scripts

  • Remove xeditor config parameter

  • Add external picker in api

  • Erase all guis from papis main repository, they should be used in external
    scripts or projects, docs.

  • Fix downloader testing framework.

  • Add downloader for:

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