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Pattern Lab Node - Gulp Edition

The Gulp wrapper around Pattern Lab Node Core, the default PatternEngine, and supporting frontend assets.

Packaged Components

This Edition comes with the following components:

  • pattern-lab/patternlab-node: GitHub | npm
  • pattern-lab/patternengine-node-mustache: GitHub | npm
  • pattern-lab/styleguidekit-assets-default: GitHub | npm
  • pattern-lab/styleguidekit-mustache-default: GitHub | npm


This Edition uses Node for core processing, npm to manage project dependencies, and gulp.js to run tasks and interface with the core library. You can follow the directions for installing Node on the Node website if you haven't done so already. Installation of Node will include npm.


Pattern Lab Node can be used different ways. Editions like this one are example pairings of Pattern Lab code and do not always have an upgrade path or simple means to run as a dependency within a larger project. Users wishing to be most current and have the greatest flexibility are encouraged to consume patternlab-node directly. Users wanting to learn more about Pattern Lab and have a tailored default experience are encouraged to start with an Edition. Both methods still expect to interact with other elements of the Pattern Lab Ecosystem.

As an Edition, the simplist installation sequence is to clone this repository.

mkdir newApp && cd newApp
git clone
npm install

Getting Started

This edition comes pre-packaged with a couple simple gulp tasks. Extend them as needed.

build patterns, copy assets, and construct ui

gulp patternlab:build

build patterns, copy assets, and construct ui, watch source files, and serve locally

gulp patternlab:serve

logs Pattern Lab Node usage and help content

gulp patternlab:help

To interact further with Pattern Lab Node, such as to install plugins or starterkits, check out the rest of the gulpfile.js. You could also install the Pattern Lab Node Command Line Interface or learn more about the core API.

Updating Pattern Lab

To update Pattern Lab please refer to each component's GitHub repository, and the master instructions for core. The components are listed at the top of the README.


ARCHIVED - The gulp wrapper around patternlab-node core, providing tasks to interact with the core library and move supporting frontend assets.








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