These are projects I used to teach my grandson to program in ruby.
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Teaching Ruby to my Grandson

This is a series of Ruby projects that I used to teach my grandson how to program. The projects are games which holds more interest for young developers. Ruby for Kids: Programming for the Fun of it is used for the early projects.

Programming Environment

Ruby and Gems

The Ruby4Kids site uses Ruby 1.8.7 and some workarounds if you use version 1.9.2. I chose to use version 1.9.2 and replace the workarounds. One example is require_relative versus adding the current directory to the directories to search for a require statement.

  • Ruby version 1.9.2-p290
  • gosu version 0.7.33 universal-darwin

Development Tools

On Mac there are a lot of development tools available. I chose to go simple on this project and use Aquamacs with YAS extension. iTerm 2 is used when I don't want to use the Aquamacs built-in shell. Git is used for version control. I tag certain steps in the project to correspond to key learning elements in the project. In the first Ruby4Kids project the tags correspond to the code at the end of a video lesson. RVM is Mac and *NIX only and just used to create a version bundle of Ruby and gems for projects. Since I am also working on Rails 3.0 and 3.1 projects it is handy to have a bundle just for this project without the gems and code Rails has. GitHub is where I host all the code.