Composite units

Peter Morlion edited this page May 13, 2016 · 2 revisions

RedStar.Amounts supports combining units to create new ones. An example of this is speed:

var maximumSpeed = new Amount(120, LengthUnits.KiloMeter / TimeUnits.Hour);

SpeedUnits are included in RedStar.Amounts however, so you could just do:

var maximumSpeed = new Amount(120, SpeedUnits.KilometerPerHour);

But not all your scenario's may be covered, so you can combine anything you like:

var flow = new Amount(3, VolumeUnits.Meter3 / TimeUnits.Second);

Or go totally crazy:

var something = new Amount(8, PressureUnits.Bar / VolumeUnits.Meter3 / TimeUnits.Hour);

If you're often using the same composite unit that isn't included by default in RedStar.Amounts, consider registering your own units.

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