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Awesome Dojo

Awesome CCO License Project Maintained Build Status

A curated list of awesome Dojo JavaScript Toolkit libraries, resources and other shiny things.

Inspired by the awesome-* trend on GitHub.

A JavaScript toolkit that saves you time and scales with your development process. Provides everything you need to build a Web app. Language utilities, UI components, and more, all in one place, designed to work together perfectly.

Index resources and documentation

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Bootstraps and boilerplates

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Packages, libraries and scripts

  • AngularJS Dojo - AngularJS directives for dojo widgets
  • delite - HTML Custom Element / Widget infrastructure
  • deliteful - Multichannel (desktop/mobile) UI Custom Elements Library
  • Dojo Foundation packages - Packages available on Dojo Foundation
  • dojo-smore - package with Dojo/Store implementation
  • generator-dojo - A yeoman generator for Dojo projects
  • Grids
    • dgrid - next-generation grid component that takes full advantage of modern browsers and object stores.
    • gridx - A fast rendering, well modularized and plugin architecture based Grid.
    • xgrid - dgrid extensions.
  • grunt-dojo - Build Dojo inside a Grunt task
  • grunt-dojo2 - Build Dojo2 inside a Grunt task
  • karma-dojo - A Karma plugin. Adapter for Dojo Toolkit.
  • Leadfoot - A JavaScript client library that brings cross-platform consistency to the Selenium WebDriver API
  • Sitepen dstore - Data infrastructure framework, providing the tools for modelling and interacting with data collections and objects.
  • xaction - Component providing UI and logic for user actions.

Dojo 2

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Serverside integrations

  • Dojango - Dojo and Django Python framework integration
  • dojo-rails - Dojo and Ruby on Rails framework integration
  • Dojo Maven - Maven packaging of the Dojo Toolkit
    • Dojo & ASP.NET - DataGrid View with Sorting and Paging using Dojo EnhancedGrid, JsonRest Store, Entity Framework, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC Web API
    • Dojo.NET - .NET class library that provides WebControl bindings to ASP.NET websites (both WebForms and MVC, including Razor) using the Dojo toolkit.
    • Reactive Extensions - Reactive Extensions bindings for the Dojo Toolkit
  • Java
    • Dojofaces - project that assists JSF developers in connecting Dojo widgets with JSF backing beans
    • DWR - library that enables Java on the server and JavaScript in a browser
    • Grails - open source full stack web application framework that has support for Dojo with plugin
    • LightStreamer - Server with Dojo integrated
    • Spring - How to integrate Spring and Dojo
    • Websphere - Application server has Dojo integrated
  • Node.js
  • PHP

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  • AuShada - Django and Dojo application for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Public Health Management
  • dapi - node.js Dojo API viewer
  • Dig Dug - A JavaScript library for launching WebDriver service tunnels
  • Dojo Demo - Dojo demo
  • dojorama - Single page demo application based on Dojo 1.9, Twitter Bootstrap 3 and history API
  • Dojox application - Dojox Application Framework for mobile, tablets, and desktops
  • js-doc-parse - Library for parsing dojo JavaScript files and extracting inline documentation
  • rstwiki - Simple reST/wiki system built with Python and Dojo Toolkit
  • Scripted - Scripted is a fast and lightweight code editor with an initial focus on JavaScript editing
  • todomvc - Helping you select an MV* framework - todo app examples
  • Dojo2 Example - Dojo 2 Examples
  • xamiro - IDE alike file manager in PHP and JavaScript with minimal dependencies.
  • Windows-dist - Full automation suite for IoT and prototyping.

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Other Awesome Lists

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Contributing and License

You are most welcome to contribute to this awesome Dojo Toolkit list as well. Big thanks to all contributors who have helped to build this list.


To the extent possible under law, Peter Kokot has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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A curated list of awesome Dojo JavaScript Toolkit libraries, resources and other shiny things.



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