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@etpinard etpinard released this Feb 26, 2019 · 922 commits to master since this release


  • Add support for circular networks in sankey traces [#3406, #3535, #3564]
  • Add matching axes behavior to cartesian axes via new axis attribute and
    new splom attribute dimensions attribute matches [#3506, #3565]
  • Add attributes alignmentgroup and offsetgroup to bar, histogram, box
    and violin traces to make cross-trace positioning easier [#3529]
  • Add support for orthographic projections in gl3d subplots via new attribute [#3550]
  • Add cmid and zmid colorscale attributes to pick the middle of the color
    range during the auto-colorscale computations [#3549]
  • Add support for sankey grouping via new attribute groups [#3556]
  • Add support for sankey concentration colorscales [#3501]
  • Add support for hovertemplate for all gl3d traces, contour,
    heatmap, histogram*, parcats, scattercarpet and splom traces [#3530]
  • Add hovertext attribute to all traces that support hover 'text',
    for consistency with traces that already have an hovertext attribute [#3553]
  • Add support for layout meta templating in trace name,
    rangeselector, updatemenus and sliders labels as well as
    within hovertemplate [#3548]
  • Add support for opacity to isosurface traces [#3545]
  • Add mapbox.layers attributes: minzoom, maxzoom, line.dash and symbol.placement [#3399]


  • More consistency pass down WebGL pixel ratio to gl3d renderers,
    this leads to better axis line and error bar rendering on some hardwares [#3573]
  • Performance boost for isosurface trace generation [#3521]
  • Export template string regex of Lib [#3548]
  • Do no cluster points in scattergl trace with less than 1e5 data pts,
    this fixes reported "missing data points" scenarios [#3578]


  • Fix selection outline clearing during cartesian axis-range relayout calls
    (bug introduced in 1.42.0) [#3577]
  • Fix modebar interactions on graphs with scatter3d traces with
    marker colorscales (bug introduced in 1.44.0) [#3554]
  • Fix axis automargin for superimposed subplots (bug introduced in 1.44.3) [#3566]
  • Fix polar angular tick labels placement [#3538]
  • Fix scattergl updates after selections for trace with on-graph text [#3575]
  • Fix responsive: true config option for graph with WebGL traces [#3500]
  • Fix modebar.bgcolor for vertical modebars with wrapped buttons [#3500]
  • Fix ohlc and candlestick auto-range computations [#3544]
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