An alternative Polkadot full-node (excluding block production) for syncing with the network. (WIP, not fully-functional yet, under active development)
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A very early, WIP and POC JavaScript version of a simplified Polkadot network client. It is incomplete and may not evolve to be a full-featured client.

It is split up into a number of internal packages -

Local development node

Start the node with yarn run start <options>. User --help to get a list of available options.

It is possible to start 2 servers (testing connections between), by opening 2 terminals, starting normally in the first and in the second running yarn run start2.

The above is (currently) equivalent to offsetting the ports by 1 and adding the first as a peer. The equivalent command would be -

$ yarn run start --p2p-peers=/ip4/ --p2p-port=39934 --rpc-port=9934 --db-path=./tmp


  • Bootstrap the dependencies, yarn
  • Make any changes in the relevant package, on master merges new versions will be published automatically