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Mission of Mercy Software

Clinic management software for Mission of Mercy free dental clinics.


Mission of Mercy Software is a Ruby on Rails 2.3 application which runs on Ruby 1.8.7 and PostgreSQL databases. Other databases like MySQL or SQLite are not officially supported.

Setting Up a Development Copy: Step by Step

To install a development version of Mission of Mercy, follow these steps:

  1. Fork our GitHub repository:
  2. Clone the fork to your computer
  3. Run bundle install to install all of the dependencies

Automatic Setup:

Simply run bundle exec rake setup and all necessary files will be created, databases created, and seed data loaded.

NOTE: This requires you have the EDITOR shell environment variable set: Example - EDITOR=vim

Manual Setup:

  1. Create a database.yml file in config. The config directory contains an example database.yml for PostgreSQL.

  2. Create a mom.yml file in config. This file sets up some basic information about the clinic and where certain information is backed up to. The config directory contains an example mom.yml file which can be used.

  3. Run the Rails tasks to initialize a development and a test database:

    $ bundle exec rake db:create     # If you haven't created your databases
    $ bundle exec rake db:migrate
    $ bundle exec rake db:test:prepare
  4. Seed the database with standard user accounts and treatment areas:

    $ bundle exec rake db:seed

    Note: All passwords are by default set to temp123

  5. Finally, run the test suite to make sure everything is working correctly:

    $ bundle exec rake test

More Information about the software

For the latest update-to-date information about the software check out the project's wiki pages at

What is Mission of Mercy?

While there are other Missions of Mercy around the country, this MoM is a gathering of volunteer dental professionals who along with a volunteer staff of several hundred hold free, two day dental clinics at locations around the country.

The following is a video of the 2011 Connecticut Mission of Mercy clinic:

Software History

The Mission of Mercy software project, or MoM for short, is a rails based project created for the 2009 Connecticut Mission of Mercy clinic. The project’s goal is to streamline patient intake, digital x-ray, and check-out processes during the clinic’s operating hours.

In 2010 the software was re-engineered to better track patient flow throughout the clinic and to make check-out even faster. By moving several survey questions to the registration process and breaking up check-out to each treatment area, the CT Mission of Mercy was able to effectively process over 2,000 patients (112 chairs) during their two day 2010 clinic.


In 2010 Mission of Mercy software was released under the license of Ruby 1.8 which made it available to all Mission of Mercy clinics throughout the US.



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