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The CSS design system that powers GitHub
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Primer CSS

The CSS implementation of GitHub's Primer Design System


🚨 If you currently use the primer or primer--prefixed npm packages, please read the migration guide!


This repository is distributed with npm. After installing npm, you can install @primer/css with this command:

$ npm install --save @primer/css


The included source files are written in Sass using SCSS syntax. After installing with npm, you can add your project's node_modules directory to your Sass include paths (AKA load paths in Ruby), then import it like this:

@import "@primer/css/index.scss";

You can import individual Primer modules directly from the @primer/css package:

@import "@primer/css/core/index.scss";
@import "@primer/css/product/index.scss";
@import "@primer/css/marketing/index.scss";


See for development docs.

Releasing (for GitHub staff)

You can find docs about our release process in


The Primer CSS docs site is deployed from this repo with primer/deploy. See the development docs for more info.


MIT © GitHub

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