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projectM - The most advanced open-source music visualizer

projectM is an open-source project that reimplements the esteemed Winamp Milkdrop by Geiss in a more modern, cross-platform reusable library.

Its purpose in life is to read in audio input and produce mesmerizing visuals, detecting tempo, and rendering advanced equations into a limitless array of user-contributed visualizations.

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Project Status

You can read more about how it works and the current state of development here.


The preset files define the visualizations via pixel shaders and Milkdrop-style equations and parameters. Included with projectM are the bltc201, Milkdrop 1 and 2, projectM, tryptonaut and yin collections. You can grab all of the presets here.

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Building From Source

Building From Source Clone

./configure && make && sudo make install

Linux (debian/ubuntu)

  • sudo apt-get install autoconf libtool libsdl2-dev libglm-dev


  • pkg install gcc autoconf automake libtool mesa-libs libGLU sdl2 glm

Mac OS X

  • brew install glm sdl2 automake libtool pkg-config
  • ./
  • ./configure --enable-sdl


projectM supports OpenGL ES 2 and 3 for embedded systems. Be sure to configure with the --enable--gles flag.

Raspberry Pi (and other embedded systems)

Using the library

At its core projectM is a library, libprojectM. This library is responsible for parsing presets, analyzing audio PCM data with beat detection and FFT, applying the preset to the audio feature data and rendering the resulting output with openGL. It can render to an openGL context or a texture.

For an example of a simple example use of the library see the libSDL2 sample code.

There are many other applications that make use of libprojectM that can be found in the src directory.


  • Make it build on windows again. There is support, it just needs updating.
  • Support for the missing Milkdrop waveforms to get full compatibility with Milkdrop presets.
  • Steal cool stuff from the recently-released Milkdrop source.
  • Finish emscripten support for building to wasm/webGL for the web.
  • Update the various implementations using libprojectM.
  • Update downstream projects with new versions.


Report issues on GitHub We're on IRC at #projectM

If you would like to help improve this project, either with documentation, code, porting, hardware or anything else please let us know! We gladly accept pull requests and issues.


If you maintain packages of libprojectM, we are happy to work with you! Please note well:

  • The main focus of this project is libprojectM. It's a library that only really depends on OpenGL. The other applications are more like examples and demos.
  • This project was converted to use GNU autotools instead of CMake in 2018. This was due to inflexibility of CMake, issues with OSX and SDL2, an unintuitive configuration interface, standardizing on the most common and well-understood build system, a desire to make it easier for others to get up and running and contribute, and other factors too lengthy to expound on here.
  • Most of the applications (e.g. src/projectM-*) are likely outdated and of less utility than the core library. If you desire to use them or depend on them, please file an issue so we can help update them.
  • The "canonical" application for actually viewing the visualizations is now projectM-sdl, based on libSDL2 because it supports audio input and is completely cross-platform.
  • This is an open source project! If you don't like something, feel free to contribute improvements!
  • Yes, you are looking at the official version. This is not a fork.




This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


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