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comiclib -

Written in Ruby, this program is meant to be a lightweight and fast comic organizer and reader The first part of it (tfo) will organize, rename, and move all comics to a designated folder. The second part (tfr) will scan all the titles, add it to a database, and allows you to read them using sxiv, a lightweight image viewer following vim shortcuts.


  1. Dependencies
  • Gemfile
  • sqlite3
  • atool
  • sxiv
  1. When first run, ~/.comiclib and ~/.comiclib/config.yml is created. The config file should be filled out first.
  2. comiclib defaults to a main.db where the main library information is held. To create/use a new/different library specify it with -d . A new database file will be created at ~/.comiclib/.db
  3. A sample config file can be seen here
  4. The file organizer is relatively stable but should be used with caution just in case


  1. comiclib has a gui feature where you can read unread comics. To use it, use the command 'comiclib maingui '
  2. In maingui, left-click reads the comics, right-click opens an information window, and middle-click marks it as read.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts: r = reload, i = information, n = next set, p = previous set, o = options, and = move to next/previous comic
  4. maingui is only for reading unread comics. To read already read comics, delete comics, clean library, or other features, use the command line.

Future Plans

  • optionsgui
  • add better error messages
  • Add a rename only config
  • add developer configurations

Known Bugs

  • [KINDA-FIXED] - On arch systems, ruby-gtk2 will not install properly. You will have to manually install it with "gem install gtk2"
  • After a while of using the gui, the program will quit itself because of memory usage. Just restart. The command line interface has no such problems



  • fixed markasread in info
  • added middle click as markasread
  • added more documentation
  • exit after command line tfo


  • Migrated from mysql to sqlite3
  • Added support for multiple libaries
  • Filled up documentation better


  • fixed scanning
  • edited so password failure doesn't create endless fail loop


  • lowered memory usage
  • fixed crash if there was no summary
  • added thanks to comicvine editors and staff
  • added checks for password, dropped support for yml password temporarily
  • fixed organizer for breaks on letter v (yeah, it was weird)
  • added proper reload after markasread
  • fixed being able to move offscreen
  • can now exit password query


  • added basic gui using green shoes
  • options menu to mark as read and view cover and title
  • back and forward shortcuts to view all unread comics
  • library cleaner upgrade (checks for jpg in database)
  • create cover art for all comics in unread
  • added mark as read button
  • cli: "b" during any menu will go back up one level
  • gui: "n" will go to next page of comics, "p" will go back, "i" will display info on highlighted comics, Left/Right (j/k) arrow key will highlist respective comic
  • added refreshing after marking a comic as read
  • manual refreshing shorcut: "r" (will refresh automatically however)
  • added comicvine synopsis in info window


  • added support for .cbz files
  • checks if origdir is empty or not
  • added error message for when all comics are moved to one folder


  • removes deleted comics from database
  • added times in logs
  • logs library cleaning and comic moving
  • clean library also alphabetizes and reorders comics
  • can now manually delete comics


  • added password switch
  • packaged for arch linux
  • if not exists, creates .comiclib directory


  • combined tfo/tfr
  • added tfo/tfr switches
  • added switch for tfr firstrun
  • add main menu if no switch
  • creates custom yml if not existing


  • need to add dev production later