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Workshop Schedule:

We're so glad you're interested in taking an EPL (Electronics Prototyping Lab) workshop!

The EPL hosts Workshop Weekend 3 times per year, during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Our standalone workshops are about 3 hours long, open to the public, and cover a variety of technology topics that help students succeed at PSU. That makes them a great fit for PSU students interested in technology, high school students preparing for college, and community members or hobbyists! Many people take 3 or 4 workshops over the course of the weekend.

To sign up, visit our Eventbrite page and register for your workshop! Each workshop is capped between 10 - 25 participants in order to our teacher to student ratio low and you can sign up for as many as you want, so sign up soon! All workshops will be hosted during the weekend and will either be in the Fourth Avenue Building (1900 SW 4th Ave) or the Engineering Building (1930 SW 4th Ave). Room assignments are made available below before the event takes and posted on the day of. Any further questions? Please email

Winter Term 2018 Workshops Live on our Eventbrite page:

Click Here to Sign up for Workshops!!!!!

Room Assignments for Winter 2018 Workshops

We use a variety of rooms in the both the Engineering Building and the Fourth Avenue Building. Due to scheduling constraints, we don't always know where we'll be until a shortly before the workshops. Therefore, we'll make sure to post room assignments on the day of the event so you know where to go! In addition, when we have rooms confirmed, we'll post them here. So feel free to refer back to this page a few days before your workshop.

Room Assignments

  • Saturday 4/21

  • EagleCAD Workshop -- EB 93

  • Solidworks Workshop -- EB 325

  • Git Workshop -- EB 95

  • Circuit Testing Workshop -- FAB 60-01

  • Sunday 4/22

  • Soldering Workshop -- EPL

  • Arduino Workshop -- EB 92

  • Raspberry Pi Workshop -- EB 95

  • KiCAD Workshop -- EPL Conference Room

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