Tool to help team technical leaders see only commits from their team members on a certain git repository
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Muntjac is a tool that helps technical leaders on large projects see only the commits of their team members in a shared git repository.

To install Muntjac, just run 

  sudo ruby install.rb

You will need to have ruby installed, but thats it!

To use Muntjac, go to any git repo and type "git muntjac <team>" where <team> is a comma separated list of your team members.  After that first run, Muntjac will remember those team members and will default to them with just "git muntjac".  Voila!!!

Why Muntjac?
Well, the muntjac is a barking deer whos dung is harvested to make coffee.  Similarly to our project, the muntjac deer eats many coffee beans, but only outputs the good ones.

The coffee that they produce is called kopi muncak.