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We are trying to grow the community and maybe transition to a community-governed model of development. We are preparing our application for Conservancy membership: Conservancy application

See also bus factor for a more recent, comprehensive list of which community members are responsible for what things.

Communication channels

We hang out in on the Libera IRC network, and there's an XMPP conference room with a bridge to the IRC channel at Feel free to get in touch!

(For historical reasons we are also on Freenode and as of June 2021 the Freenode and Libera channels are synchronized/bridged just like the XMPP room. But Libera is the primary place we hang out.)

Community accounts

@larjona, @strugee, @distopico or @jankusanagi those accounts will broadcast community meeting times and updates.

There is also a Twitter mirror, @pumpdotio.

Origin (first 'community meeting')

On 2015-09-21 there was an informal ad-hoc meeting in IRC channel, the summary that Chris Webber made here: is also copied here: 2015/09/21

Next meeting Community meetings happen, usually, the third Friday of the month, at 20:00 UTC.

Former Meetings

Add here links to wiki pages for old meetings.


Add here some useful roles/tasks and maybe your availability to contribute in those roles or tasks.

Source code development and review




Pumpmins (pump node admins)

People that may be interested in adopting E14N nodes servers:

Host Users Active* Date Maintainer Status 4619 216 26-09-2015 down 4912 ? 26-09-2015 @grdryn, maybe down ? ? 26-09-2015 down 21712 ? 26-09-2015 @jxself, maybe active 5071 ? 26-09-2015 @BenCook, maybe down ? ? 26-09-2015 down 4814 ? 26-09-2015 @almereyda via @ecobytes, if requested down 5087 ? 26-09-2015 down 4653 ? 26-09-2015 down 4356 ? 26-09-2015 down ? ? 26-09-2015 down ? ? 26-09-2015 down

* followers>0 or following>0
Not really representative, but a good indication for ghost accounts.

Additional services:

  • (down)
  • (down)
  • (?)
  • (down)
  • (Active but SSL problems)
  • (Inactive - 403 error)
  • (Down - Spam)
  • (Down)
  • (Active)

People running a public pump node (open registration)

If you want to appear in this list, add your host and name. Ideally, with time, all the nodes above (the E14N ones) will find somebody willing to maintain them, and jump from that list into this list.

Selfhosting (personal use)

If you want to appear in this list, add your host and name. It's possible to view a list of some nodes in (down)

  • - @strugee
  • - @distopico
  • - @prologic
  • - @shevek

Welcome team (welcoming users, contributors)