Release cycle

Alex Jordan edited this page Jan 10, 2017 · 2 revisions follows a time-based release schedule; this page documents exactly how that schedule functions. The high-level overview is that releases are made every month, switching between beta and stable releases.

For the technical implementation of these policies, see Release checklist; for security support information, see Security.

Stable releases

Normal stable releases are done on the 1st of every odd month (i.e. January, March, etc.). Mostly what this means is that the current beta (see below) is "promoted" to be the new stable.

Generally speaking, breaking changes are introduced as soon as they are complete. This means that semver-major releases can be released at any point during the release cycle - this policy will almost certainly be revisited in the future, but since there's so much churn in the codebase these days releasing semver-major whenever it's convenient just makes sense.

Patch releases are done when necessary.

Beta releases

Beta releases are done on the 1st of every even month (i.e. February, April, etc.). At this point the code is frozen and no new changes occur except for regression fixes. Development continues normally on master (i.e. alpha releases).

See the above note about breaking changes - it applies to the betas, too.

Regression fixes are released as new beta versions (i.e. they do not bump the patch component of semver).