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UnicodeDecodeError masks SyntaxError on discovery #578

pytestbot opened this Issue Sep 2, 2014 · 2 comments


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pytestbot commented Sep 2, 2014

Originally reported by: Anthony Sottile (BitBucket: asottile, GitHub: asottile)

Here's a minimal reproduction, my case was obviously more complicated and harder to figure out :).

$ python --version
Python 2.6.9
$ py.test --version
This is pytest version 2.6.1, imported from /home/asottile/workspace/pre-commit/.tox/py26/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pytest.pyc
$ cat
# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

$ py.test !$
============================= test session starts ==============================
platform linux2 -- Python 2.6.9 -- py-1.4.23 -- pytest-2.6.1
collected 0 items / 1 errors 

==================================== ERRORS ====================================
___________________________ ERROR collecting ___________________________
.tox/py26/lib/python2.6/site-packages/py/_code/ in getrepr
    return fmt.repr_excinfo(self)
.tox/py26/lib/python2.6/site-packages/py/_code/ in repr_excinfo
    reprtraceback = self.repr_traceback(excinfo)
.tox/py26/lib/python2.6/site-packages/py/_code/ in repr_traceback
    reprentry = self.repr_traceback_entry(entry, einfo)
.tox/py26/lib/python2.6/site-packages/py/_code/ in repr_traceback_entry
    s = self.get_source(source, line_index, excinfo, short=short)
.tox/py26/lib/python2.6/site-packages/py/_code/ in get_source
    lines.extend(self.get_exconly(excinfo, indent=indent, markall=True))
.tox/py26/lib/python2.6/site-packages/py/_code/ in get_exconly
    exlines = excinfo.exconly(tryshort=True).split('\n')
.tox/py26/lib/python2.6/site-packages/py/_code/ in exconly
    text = ''.join(lines)
E   UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe2 in position 4: ordinal not in range(128)
=========================== 1 error in 0.04 seconds ============================
$ python !$
  File "", line 3
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

@pytestbot pytestbot added the type: bug label Jun 15, 2015


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icemac commented Jul 27, 2015

This issue still exists for platform darwin -- Python 2.7.10 -- py-1.4.30 -- pytest-2.7.2.
Is there any chance to get it fixed?


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RonnyPfannschmidt commented Jul 27, 2015

its bug in pylib, we'll take a look into it, we cant yet determine whether to do it before or after we fork py.code into pytest or not

nicoddemus added a commit to nicoddemus/pytest that referenced this issue Mar 5, 2016

Fix decoding issue while formatting SyntaxErrors during collection
This happens only in Python 2, as in Python 3 we receive
the "badline" in the exception is already properly encoded

Fix pytest-dev#578

jsonn pushed a commit to jsonn/pkgsrc that referenced this issue Apr 14, 2016

Update py-test to 2.9.1.

**Bug Fixes**

* Improve error message when a plugin fails to load.
  Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.

* Fix (`#1178 <>`_):
  ```` with non-ascii characters raises an internal pytest error.
  Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.

* Fix (`#469`_): junit parses report.nodeid incorrectly, when params IDs
  contain ``::``. Thanks `@tomviner`_ for the PR (`#1431`_).

* Fix (`#578 <>`_): SyntaxErrors
  containing non-ascii lines at the point of failure generated an internal
  py.test error.
  Thanks `@asottile`_ for the report and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.

* Fix (`#1437`_): When passing in a bytestring regex pattern to parameterize
  attempt to decode it as utf-8 ignoring errors.

* Fix (`#649`_): parametrized test nodes cannot be specified to run on the command line.

.. _#1437: pytest-dev/pytest#1437
.. _#469: pytest-dev/pytest#469
.. _#1431: pytest-dev/pytest#1431
.. _#649: pytest-dev/pytest#649

.. _@asottile:


**New Features**

* New ``pytest.mark.skip`` mark, which unconditionally skips marked tests.
  Thanks `@MichaelAquilina`_ for the complete PR (`#1040`_).

* ``--doctest-glob`` may now be passed multiple times in the command-line.
  Thanks `@jab`_ and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.

* New ``-rp`` and ``-rP`` reporting options give the summary and full output
  of passing tests, respectively. Thanks to `@codewarrior0`_ for the PR.

* ``pytest.mark.xfail`` now has a ``strict`` option, which makes ``XPASS``
  tests to fail the test suite (defaulting to ``False``). There's also a
  ``xfail_strict`` ini option that can be used to configure it project-wise.
  Thanks `@rabbbit`_ for the request and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR (`#1355`_).

* ``Parser.addini`` now supports options of type ``bool``.
  Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.

* New ``ALLOW_BYTES`` doctest option. This strips ``b`` prefixes from byte strings
  in doctest output (similar to ``ALLOW_UNICODE``).
  Thanks `@jaraco`_ for the request and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR (`#1287`_).

* Give a hint on ``KeyboardInterrupt`` to use the ``--fulltrace`` option to show the errors.
  Fixes `#1366`_.
  Thanks to `@hpk42`_ for the report and `@RonnyPfannschmidt`_ for the PR.

* Catch ``IndexError`` exceptions when getting exception source location.
  Fixes a pytest internal error for dynamically generated code (fixtures and tests)
  where source lines are fake by intention.


* **Important**: `py.code <>`_ has been
  merged into the ``pytest`` repository as ``pytest._code``. This decision
  was made because ``py.code`` had very few uses outside ``pytest`` and the
  fact that it was in a different repository made it difficult to fix bugs on
  its code in a timely manner. The team hopes with this to be able to better
  refactor out and improve that code.
  This change shouldn't affect users, but it is useful to let users aware
  if they encounter any strange behavior.

  Keep in mind that the code for ``pytest._code`` is **private** and
  **experimental**, so you definitely should not import it explicitly!

  Please note that the original ``py.code`` is still available in
  `pylib <>`_.

* ``pytest_enter_pdb`` now optionally receives the pytest config object.
  Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.

* Removed code and documentation for Python 2.5 or lower versions,
  including removal of the obsolete ``_pytest.assertion.oldinterpret`` module.
  Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR (`#1226`_).

* Comparisons now always show up in full when ``CI`` or ``BUILD_NUMBER`` is
  found in the environment, even when ``-vv`` isn't used.
  Thanks `@The-Compiler`_ for the PR.

* ``--lf`` and ``--ff`` now support long names: ``--last-failed`` and
  ``--failed-first`` respectively.
  Thanks `@MichaelAquilina`_ for the PR.

* Added expected exceptions to ``pytest.raises`` fail message.

* Collection only displays progress ("collecting X items") when in a terminal.
  This avoids cluttering the output when using ``--color=yes`` to obtain
  colors in CI integrations systems (`#1397`_).

**Bug Fixes**

* The ``-s`` and ``-c`` options should now work under ``xdist``;
  ``Config.fromdictargs`` now represents its input much more faithfully.
  Thanks to `@bukzor`_ for the complete PR (`#680`_).

* Fix (`#1290`_): support Python 3.5's ``@`` operator in assertion rewriting.
  Thanks `@Shinkenjoe`_ for report with test case and `@tomviner`_ for the PR.

* Fix formatting utf-8 explanation messages (`#1379`_).
  Thanks `@biern`_ for the PR.

* Fix `traceback style docs`_ to describe all of the available options
  (auto/long/short/line/native/no), with `auto` being the default since v2.6.
  Thanks `@hackebrot`_ for the PR.

* Fix (`#1422`_): junit record_xml_property doesn't allow multiple records
  with same name.

.. _`traceback style docs`:

.. _#1422: pytest-dev/pytest#1422
.. _#1379: pytest-dev/pytest#1379
.. _#1366: pytest-dev/pytest#1366
.. _#1040: pytest-dev/pytest#1040
.. _#680: pytest-dev/pytest#680
.. _#1287: pytest-dev/pytest#1287
.. _#1226: pytest-dev/pytest#1226
.. _#1290: pytest-dev/pytest#1290
.. _#1355: pytest-dev/pytest#1355
.. _#1397: pytest-dev/pytest#1397
.. _@biern:
.. _@MichaelAquilina:
.. _@bukzor:
.. _@hpk42:
.. _@nicoddemus:
.. _@jab:
.. _@codewarrior0:
.. _@jaraco:
.. _@The-Compiler:
.. _@Shinkenjoe:
.. _@tomviner:
.. _@RonnyPfannschmidt:
.. _@rabbbit:
.. _@hackebrot:
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