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How to use MaxMind's GeoIP database

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NOTE: Current versions of qBittorrent rely on the db-ip Country Lite database, which will be downloaded automatically during startup.

If for some reason you require manual installation:

  1. Download the MMDB format from the above website (accept conditions)
  2. Create a GeoDB folder in the folder where BT_backup is located
  3. Unpack the downloaded archive into the GeoDB folder, and rename database file to dbip-country-lite.mmdb

Up until December 30th 2019 Maxmind offered the GeoIP-country database via a public URL. But after California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) it decided to change its distribution strategy. More details here.

Now, in order to automatically download and use the GeoIP-country database with qBittorrent, you have to create a free account with MaxMind and get a free license key. This is available from v4.2.2 onwards.

If you enable Resolve peer countries (GeoIP) in the Advanced Settings you have 2 options:

  1. You can put your license key in GeoIP license key and have qbittorrent automatically download the database on a monthly period
  2. Or you can leave the license key field empty and provide your own database file. You may have obtained the file from other links/sources. The database filename must be GeoLite2-Country.mmdb and it must be placed under the GeoIP folder located in the same folder where BT_backup folder resides.



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