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Web UI password locked on qBittorrent NO X (qbittorrent nox)

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If your user name and password is locked out of the Web UI and the default user name admin and password adminadmin is also failing, the steps to recover access are:

  1. Log in to the machine the client is on as the user that qbittorrent runs as, either at the console or over an SSH connection.

  2. Exit or kill qBittorrent process.

  3. Navigate to ~/.config/qBittorrent/ (or /<qbittorrent user name>/.config/qBittorrent/) and edit the configuration file qBittorrent.conf.

    • If you're using qbittorrent version < 4.2.0, locate the line starting with WebUI\Password_ha1 and remove the entire line.
    • If you're using qbittorrent version ≥ 4.2.0, locate the line starting with WebUI\Password_PBKDF2 and remove the entire line.
  4. Save and close the file and start qBittorrent.

  5. You should then be able to login the WebUI using your usual username and the default password adminadmin.

  6. Remember to update it to your preferred password, otherwise your machine is prone to be hacked.

ps. If you are still unable to login check if your antivirus is not blocking sending password via unencrypted connection (http). Bitdefender seems to do it by default, you need to whitelist qbittorrent server URL.



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