@rstoenescu rstoenescu released this Dec 30, 2016 · 49 commits to dev since this release

Minor Breaking Changes

  • #281 Datatable - Allow global search without tapping/clicking the filter icon
    • config.filter has been removed.
    • Instead, use filter: true for each column (in the column definition) to allow DataTable to make the column filterable.


  • File Upload component (thanks to @murbanowicz for starting this; see screenshots at the bottom)
  • Datetime Range component
  • Internationalization is now ready (through props that can replace current default labels)
  • CSS class animate-bounce
  • v-back-to-top Vue directive
  • #232 Dialog - Prevent close
  • Utils.dom.setScrollPosition (scrollTargetElement, offset[, duration])
  • Utils.format.humanSize (size) - turns numbers in kB, MB etc


  • #286 Unable to remove cookies using Cookies.remove()
  • #284 Hardcoded english in DataTable
  • #287 Drawer - Bug on Open
  • #253 Pull To refresh scroll not smoothly on ios
  • #290 [ios] Numeric component value partially hidden (thanks to @caex )
  • #289 Tabs "route" prop should support Object too (besides a String)
  • #291 v-scroll directive fails to update correctly when parameters change

File Uploader component

Some screenshots with the new component:

screenshot from 2016-12-30 18 58 49

screenshot from 2016-12-30 19 21 47

Failure example:
screenshot from 2016-12-30 19 04 01



@rstoenescu rstoenescu released this Dec 28, 2016 · 68 commits to dev since this release


  • Compatibility with Vue 2.1.7+ (there was a second recent breaking change introduced in Vue 2.1.7).
  • Autocomplete component
  • Select with List Items
  • ListItem component
  • #257 Being able to use Google Fonts CDN
  • #203 CSS class for Tabs to justify align on desktop too (justified)
  • #224 Dialog - styling buttons
  • #260 DataTable: Enhanced sorting capabilities
  • DataTable filter selectbox now uses the new "list" type instead of "radio"
  • offset-0 CSS class (for Grid Layout)
  • Utils.dom.cssTransform(transformValue)
  • Two more platform visibility CSS classes: platform-android-*, platform-ios-*. Examples: platform-android-only, platform-ios-hide -- do not mistake them with theme visibility CSS classes (ios-only, android-hide etc).
  • Utils.filter()


  • #285 close dialog doesn't work in electron
  • Slider fullscreen on Electron
  • Firefox - Hide the numeric spinner (thanks to @maced0n)
  • DataTable sorting for columns with numbers
  • DataTable error when no data is available and there are no messages specified (thanks to @tant42)
  • #220 [ios] Search Bar Icon
  • #264 [ios] Search component input text slightly misaligned
  • #269 Datatable bodyStyle for narrow screens
  • #217 [ios] Insufficient margin in the Drawer header
  • #261 q-numeric with 0.1 step lacks rounding
  • #187 [ios] Delay in tabs
  • #213 Button type FAB does not float on iOS
  • Array.prototype.find() polyfill for IE compatibility


v0.10.3 - Repackaged v0.10.2

@rstoenescu rstoenescu released this Dec 14, 2016 · 118 commits to dev since this release

Repackaged v0.10.2 to workaround a problem with rollup-plugin-vue compiler and Vue 2.1.5+.
Please use Quasar v0.10.3 with Vue >= 2.1.6

Upgrade to v0.10.3 if you stumble on "_h is not defined" or "_c is not defined" issues.



@rstoenescu rstoenescu released this Dec 13, 2016 · 119 commits to dev since this release

Enhancements & fixes

  • #242 DataTable - Class/Style formatters similar to value formatter
  • #243 DataTable - Firefox issue
  • #246 DataTable - Adding/removing columns to/from array doesn't update table
  • #247 DataTable - mouse wheel scroll not working on Firefox
  • Support for password in a Dialog (thanks to @livioalves)
  • Removed max-width for "layout-padding" CSS class


v0.10 - DataTable comes along

@rstoenescu rstoenescu released this Dec 11, 2016 · 131 commits to dev since this release

  • DataTable component (replacing old Grid component from Quasar <= 0.7)
    • Sticky columns
    • Sticky headers
    • Filter (by all columns or by one column)
    • Sorting by columns
    • Cell formatter methods
    • Cell component renderer (through Vue scoped slots)
    • Pagination
    • Column picker
    • Row selection (single or multiple)
    • Responsive (changes view design when width is smaller than 600px to best accommodate small screens)
    • Refresh functionality

screenshot from 2016-12-07 10 31 54

  • Ajax loading bar (like Youtube)

    • Intercepts Ajax calls regardless of Ajax library you're using.
    • Positioning on top, bottom, right or left
    • Direction support (default or reverse) for all 4 positions
    • Delays showing up with 1s (no reason to bother for calls that take less than 1 second)
    • Custom color support
  • Select & Datetime

    • static-label prop
    • labels are rendered as HTML code instead of a simple String



@rstoenescu rstoenescu released this Nov 26, 2016 · 151 commits to dev since this release

Behold Quasar v0.9.1 is here. Along stable releases of Webpack2 app template/boilerplate and Electron wrapper.

Breaking Changes

  • #164 Smaller component prefix ("q-" instead of "quasar-") for both JS and CSS
    Some examples: instead of <quasar-checkbox> use <q-checkbox>; instead of <quasar-modal> use <q-modal>. Simply make a project-wide replace of 'quasar-' to 'q-' then replace 'q-framework' to 'quasar-framework'.

  • Popovers - check documentation

    • no longer require anchor-ref prop. Simply place them under the DOM node / component that you wish to trigger it.
    • anchor-origin & target-origin have been renamed to anchor and self and now take string params instead of objects for convenience
  • Drawer links component (q-drawer-link former known as quasar-drawer-link) now has to prop working just as v-link. So it encapsulates exact modifier as a property of the Object. Example: <q-drawer-link :to="{path: '/account', exact: true}">...</q-drawer-link>
  • Removed $text-color and $background Stylus variables (not required and they stand in the way in some scenarios)
  • #173 Center content for "layout-padding" on large windows (thanks to @murbanowicz )
  • #212 Removed Textarea default height

New Features

  • Dialog has new props:
    • (Boolean) noBackdropDismiss
    • (Boolean) noEscDismiss
    • (Function) onDismiss - function gets called when Dialog is dismissed or closed; good for cleaning up
  • Form components with readonly and error state (readonly DOM node attribute and has-error CSS class)
  • Range option to always display label (labelAlways prop)
  • Tooltip component (replacing v-tooltip directive) - documentation
  • Datetime
    • ability to clear selected date
    • placeholder and (floating) label props
    • min & max props
    • allows empty string binded value on render
    • performance improvements
  • Modal
    • noBackdropDismiss & noEscDismiss props which disable the ability to close Modal with Escape key or by clicking on the backdrop (thanks @ccoxtn )
  • Quasar transition component (former quasar-transition now q-transition)
    • new prop: appear which when used it applies the transition to the initial render of the node too
  • v-link directive
    • now supports delay modifier which delays the trigger of the new route for 100ms
    • applies router-link-active CSS class
  • v-touch-pan directive has new scroll modifier to also allow scroll
  • Improved HTML table element CSS - check documentation
    • horizontal-delimiter and vertical-delimiter classes
    • striped-odd and striped-even classes
    • loose along compact classes
    • Flipped mode (through flipped class) - table header as column on left, rows as columns
    • Responsive mode (through responsive class) - good for narrow screens, check it out
  • Double Range new features: drag by range & disable min or max (thanks to @CookieJon ) - check documentation
  • #158 Datetime & Selectbox now use a floating label
  • Detection if running under Electron
    • new visibility CSS classes: electron-only and electron-hide
    • new Platform.is prop when on Electron: Platform.is.electron
  • Collapsible new prop 'icon-toggle` which allows user to toggle open/close state by clicking/tapping only on the Collapsible icon on the right
  • quote CSS class
  • No longer required to explicitly set theme (with Quasar.theme.set()) before installing to Vue.
  • New Utils:
    • scrollbar.width() - determines scrollbar width in pixels
    • colors.rgbToHex() and colors.hexToRgb()


  • #227 Dialog/ActionSheet are not destroyed in some situations (thanks to @llops )
  • #208 Action Sheet Dismiss by backdrop or Escape key should trigger cancel handler
  • #153 Drawer links now work with VueRouter "history" mode
  • #166 Pull To refresh not allowing scroll
  • #168 "error" icon for negative Toast instead of "whatshot"
  • Search component
    • allow user to focus field on left side too
    • #178 iOS component alignment
  • Drawer's drawer-closer CSS class now stops event propagation to avoid some side-effects
  • #205 Touch directive error on unbind (thanks to @joaopaulofilho )


v0.8.2 / v0.8.3

@rstoenescu rstoenescu released this Oct 24, 2016 · 219 commits to dev since this release


  • Datetime not taking initial value correctly #138
  • Mobile address bar coloring: fixed typo for Windows phones (ffd07a7)


v0.8.0 with Vue2

@rstoenescu rstoenescu released this Oct 23, 2016 · 227 commits to dev since this release

Quasar is now powered by Vue 2.
Use CLI to generate a new project folder and port your app to Quasar v0.8.0 and Vue 2.


  • All form components (and not only) now support v-model instead of :model.sync. Please be careful with porting Radio components: they now support v-model and val (instead of value) prop.
  • Touch directives: v-swipe, v-pan, v-hold
  • Automatic coloring of mobile browser address bar (thanks to @vuchl )
  • New CSS animation classes: animate-pop, animate-scale, animate-fade


  • Removed vue-touch and Hammerjs as dependencies. Also Velocity UI Pack. Slimmer builds!
  • spin and blink CSS classes were renamed to animate-spin and animate-blink
  • ActionSheet.create() does not require also calling show() on it; "buttons" property was split into "actions" and "dismiss"
  • Dialog was completely redone. One of the important changes: you can mix form components now. Added Rating, Chips, Textareas, Numeric as possible form components you can use.
  • Modal is now only a component. No more global "Modal.create()"
  • Customizable Loading; it also fades in when it gets displayed now
  • Tabs have been completely redone due to Vue2 and they have lots of improvements.
  • New Datetime methods that can be used with a Vue reference (open(), close()).. check documentation
  • Numeric component now opens the numeric keyboard; removed "debounce" property (no longer needed due to a new button contained by the component)
  • Collapsibles' props and methods have changed
  • Floating action buttons have new properties and methods. Check documentation.
  • Infinite Scroll: removed "working" property as it is no longer needed.
  • Stepper: removed "redraw()" method (not needed anymore)
  • New transition component (<quasar-transition name="slide">) replacing transition="slide" attribute-value
  • Popover was completely redone with lots of new features!
  • Updates for Drawer (including <quasar-drawer-link> component!)
  • Some internationalization work for Datetime
  • Events rebuilt around a Vue bus


  • Various Range fixes
  • Utils.debounce() now works with functions receiving parameters
  • Error on Cookies.get() function #133


  • Temporarily, Grid component (not Grid CSS) has been removed. Will get reinstated in a few weeks.
  • Removed Utils.dom.childOf(). You can use native DOMElement.contains(node).
  • Removed v-attr directive (no longer needed)
  • Removed left-drawer-opener and right-drawer-opener CSS classes. Check Drawer to see updates
  • v-tooltip no longer supports "wrap" modifier. You can however wrap that element yourself.

Regards to @kristianmandrup for his help on this Vue 2 port.