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📝 HTML to React parser.
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HTML to React parser that works on both the server (Node.js) and the client (browser):

HTMLReactParser(string[, options])

It converts an HTML string to one or more React elements. There's also an option to replace an element with your own.


var parse = require('html-react-parser');
parse('<div>text</div>'); // equivalent to `React.createElement('div', {}, 'text')`

CodeSandbox | JSFiddle | | Examples



$ npm install html-react-parser --save


$ yarn add html-react-parser


<!-- HTMLReactParser depends on React -->
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
  window.HTMLReactParser(/* string */);


Import the module:

// CommonJS
const parse = require('html-react-parser');

// ES Modules
import parse from 'html-react-parser';

Parse single element:


Parse multiple elements:

parse('<li>Item 1</li><li>Item 2</li>');

Since adjacent elements are parsed as an array, make sure to render them under a parent node:

    <li>Item 1</li>
    <li>Item 2</li>

Parse nested elements:

parse('<body><p>Lorem ipsum</p></body>');

Parse element with attributes:

  '<hr id="foo" class="bar" data-attr="baz" custom="qux" style="top:42px;">'



The replace callback allows you to swap an element with another React element.

The first argument is an object with the same output as htmlparser2's domhandler:

parse('<br>', {
  replace: function(domNode) {
    console.dir(domNode, { depth: null });

Console output:

{ type: 'tag',
  name: 'br',
  attribs: {},
  children: [],
  next: null,
  prev: null,
  parent: null }

The element is replaced only if a valid React element is returned:

parse('<p id="replace">text</p>', {
  replace: domNode => {
    if (domNode.attribs && === 'replace') {
      return React.createElement('span', {}, 'replaced');

Here's an example that modifies an element but keeps the children:

import React from 'react';
import { renderToStaticMarkup } from 'react-dom/server';
import parse, { domToReact } from 'html-react-parser';

const html = `
  <p id="main">
    <span class="prettify">
      keep me and make me pretty!

const options = {
  replace: ({ attribs, children }) => {
    if (!attribs) return;

    if ( === 'main') {
      return <h1 style={{ fontSize: 42 }}>{domToReact(children, options)}</h1>;

    if (attribs.class === 'prettify') {
      return (
        <span style={{ color: 'hotpink' }}>
          {domToReact(children, options)}

console.log(renderToStaticMarkup(parse(html, options)));


<h1 style="font-size:42px">
  <span style="color:hotpink">
    keep me and make me pretty!

Here's an example that excludes an element:

parse('<p><br id="remove"></p>', {
  replace: ({ attribs }) => attribs && === 'remove' && <Fragment />


The library option allows you to specify which component library is used to create elements. React is used by default if this option is not specified.

Here's an example showing how to use Preact:

parse('<br>', {
  library: require('preact')

Or, using a custom library:

parse('<br>', {
  library: {
    cloneElement: () => {
      /* ... */
    createElement: () => {
      /* ... */
    isValidElement: () => {
      /* ... */


Is this library XSS safe?

No, this library is not XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) safe. See #94.

Does this library sanitize invalid HTML?

No, this library does not perform HTML sanitization. See #124.

Are <script> tags parsed?

Although <script> tags and their contents are rendered on the server-side, they're not evaluated on the client-side. See #98.

Why aren't my HTML attributes getting called?

This is because inline event handlers (e.g., onclick) are parsed as a string instead of a function. See #73.


$ npm run test:benchmark

Here's an example output of the benchmarks run on a MacBook Pro 2017:

html-to-react - Single x 415,186 ops/sec ±0.92% (85 runs sampled)
html-to-react - Multiple x 139,780 ops/sec ±2.32% (87 runs sampled)
html-to-react - Complex x 8,118 ops/sec ±2.99% (82 runs sampled)


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