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Migrate BackupPC to restic. For documentation purpose only. I won't accept any PR for this repo.
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Migrate BackupPC to restic

This document expains how to migrate your BackupPC backups to restic.

Please note this is not perfect neither optimal. I needed to run this once so I didn't take time to write a state-of-the-art tool for that. Use it at your own risk.

This is the process that I followed for my backups migration but you millage may vary. You may need to adapt this to your own environment. Feel free to ask me some details if you need some.

I won't fix anything in this repository since it is more here for a documentation purpose.

Setup your environment

I assume BackupPC is install on a server (such as bkp0) and restic on an other host (store0).

Create a restic respository on store0:

restic init -r /srv/backup/backuppc

And create a new server on bkp0 called store0:

$Conf{ClientNameAlias} = '';
$Conf{RsyncClientPath} = 'sudo /usr/bin/nice -n 19 /usr/bin/ionice -c3 /usr/bin/rsync';
$Conf{RsyncClientCmd} = '$sshPath -l backuppc -q -x $host $rsyncPath $argList+';
$Conf{RsyncClientRestoreCmd} = '$sshPath -l backuppc  -q -x $host $rsyncPath $argList+';
$Conf{RsyncShareName} = [

Make sure that backuppc user can connect from bkp0 to store0 and perform sudo operations. For example add this on the store0 sudoers:

Cmnd_Alias BACKUPPC_RSYNC=/usr/bin/nice -n 19 /usr/bin/ionice -c3 /usr/bin/rsync *, /usr/bin/rsync

What is going to be done:

  • backuppc connects from bkp0 to store0
  • Perform all operation by sudoing a rsync command on store0.
  • The restoration path is /srv/restore/[SOURCE_PC]


If you just want to migrate your last backups you can do it using the backup web interface. This process can be long.

If you need to migrate all your backups you can use the gen-bpc-restore script to generate the restoration files.

gen-bpc-restore  serverA

This will generate several files such as:

  • serverA_1324_1: Restoration file for 1st share of backup 1324
  • serverA_1324_2: Restoration file for 2nd share of backup 1324
  • serverA_1324.txt: Commands to run to restore serverA's backup 1324

The commands to run are following On store0 create the target diretories:

mkdir /srv/restore/serverA_1324/etc
mkdir /srv/restore/serverA_1324/srv

On bkp0 restore both shares:

time sudo -u backuppc /usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_restore store0 store0 serverA_1324_1
time sudo -u backuppc /usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_restore store0 store0 serverA_1324_2

Finally backup the restoration to restic repository:

mv /srv/restore/serverA_1324 /srv/restore/serverA
time restic --host 'serverA' -r /srv/backup/backuppc backup --verbose --time '2018-08-08 16:00:42.153007776' --tag 1324 /srv/restore/serverA
mv /srv/restore/serverA_
time rm -rf /srv/restore/serverA_


The migration process takes ages since all backups have to be restored. This takes even longer is you have slow writing harddrives. Comparing speed here is non-sense since too many parameters have to be taken in account.

As an example I restored 1.5Tb of compressed backups for 22 hosts for a total of:

  • 285 full backups of total size 47668.72GB (prior to pooling and compression),
  • 41 incr backups of total size 300.50GB (prior to pooling and compression).

It takes about 2 to 3 hours to restore 100Gb of data and one extra hour to import into restic. The bottleneck here is mainly the harddrives that have poor writing performances about 15MB/s (120Mb/s). Those metrics may vary with the kind of data to migrate.

It took me several weeks to perform (almost) full migration. Almost because some backups (such a photos archives) are append-only and this made no sense to restore all intermediate backups.

At the end BackupPC compressed pool is 1,533,573,840 bytes whereas restic is 1,753,262,388 (a overhead of 219,688,548 bytes, 210Gb or 14%). Getting an exact volume of source data is difficult since data are always changing. The approximate source size was around 2Tb which lead restic dedup to about 12%.


As you may notice each backup has to be fully restored. I didn't manage to make the --delete rsync work in RsyncRestoreArgs for store0. Thus this ensure the backup is restored as it should be with any extra files.

If your backup has some kind of append-only backups (such a photo library) you can only restore the last backup since there is no really reason to keep all intermediate ones.

If you need to see what files have been modified since the previous backup you can use following command on bkp0:

/usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_zcat XferLOG.1324.z | grep -vE '^(  same|  create d|  pool) ' | less

See for details on XferLOG fields description. Here we remove the existing files, the created directories and files found in the pool.


Author: Sébastien Gross

License: WTFPL, grab your copy here:

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