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ReportPortal RobotFramework agent

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Listener for RobotFramework to report results to ReportPortal


First you need to install RobotFramework:

pip install robotframework

The latest stable version of library is available on PyPI:

pip install robotframework-reportportal

reportportal-client and six will be installed as dependencies


For reporting results to ReportPortal you need to pass some variables to pybot run:


--listener robotframework_reportportal.listener
--variable RP_UUID:"your_user_uuid"
--variable RP_ENDPOINT:"your_reportportal_url"
--variable RP_LAUNCH:"launch_name"
--variable RP_PROJECT:"reportportal_project_name"


--variable RP_LAUNCH_DOC:"some_documentation_for_launch"
    - Description for the launch
--variable RP_LAUNCH_TAGS:"RF Smoke"
    - Space-separated list of tags for the launch
--variable RP_LOG_BATCH_SIZE:"10"
    - Default value is "20", affects size of async batch log requests

Custom logger which supports attachments can be used in Python keywords. Usage of this logger is similar to the standard robot.api.logger with addition of an extra kwarg "attachment":

import subprocess
from robotframework_reportportal import logger

class MyLibrary(object):

    def log_free_memory(self):
        logger.debug("Collecting free memory statistics!")
            "Memory consumption report",
                "name": "free_memory.txt",
                "data": subprocess.check_output("free -h".split()),
                "mime": "application/octet-stream",

Copyright Notice

Licensed under the GPLv3 license (see the LICENSE.txt file).