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pyEQL 0.4.0

This release contains several important bug fixes related to activity correction and osmotic pressure calculations, a new method for calculating the dielectric constants of salt solutions, and additions to the autogenerate() method that make it easy to create common solutions.

You can read more and see examples of the new features in the release announcement.


  • Add ability to calculate dielectric constant based on solution composition for salts
  • Add database entries for the viscosity 'B' parameter for 63 more inorganic ions
  • Add domestic wastewater and human urine to the autogenerate() method
  • Improve entry point for running automated tests (#16, thanks Hernan Grecco)
  • Significantly expand documentation of activity correction methods
  • Make output of get_osmotic_coefficient more verbose when Pitzer parameters are not found
  • Fix bug causing activity corrections for non 1:1 salts to be calculated incorrectly (#15)
  • Fix bug causing 'bad operand type' error when calculating osmotic pressure on some systems
  • Fix bug causing ValueError exceptions when a solute has zero concentration
  • Numerous fixes and corrections in the documentation