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A user drags a Google Map view around until they find a spot where they'd like to post an image. The user then adds a caption and clicks the Add Image button. A dialog window appears and allows the user to navigate to an image on their computer and upload it to the app. After clicking Submit, the image, caption, and user's name is added to a list and displayed on the app. As the user drags and moves the map around, the app updates to show images that were taken nearby, based on a predetermined range.

Steps to Run

  1. If you do not have NPM installed on your machine, you must install it first

  2. Download the repository and change into it.

  3. Run npm install in your terminal to download the Node modules.

  4. Drag the map to select a region to add a post. You can double click to zoom in on the map. Type in a caption, click Add Image to select an image from your computer, and then click Submit to add your post. You can then drage the map around and see other posts that were made in a given area.

Technologies Used

Node.js, Express, Mongo, Mongoose, React, React Router, Redux, Superagent, Dropzone, Babel, Bluebird, Bcrypt, Gulp, Webpack

Services Used

Google Maps, Cloudinary, Heroku, Github

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