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Flask powered CMS on top of mongoengine/MongoDB (WIP)
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Quokka project

Flask and MongoDB powered CMS

(alpha version, work in progress)

quokka cms

Quokka is a flexible content management platform powered by Python, Flask and MongoDB.

Quick start

You need a MongoDB instance running locally or remotely to connect. Quokka runs on Python 2.7

  1. Get Quokka
$ git clone
$ cd quokka
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Define your MongoDB settings
$ $EDITOR quokka/
MONGODB_SETTINGS = {'DB': 'your_mongo_db'}
DEBUG = True
  1. Populate with sample data (optional)
$ python populate 
  1. Create a superuser
$ python createsuperuser
  1. Run
$ python runserver
  1. Access on http://localhost:5000
  2. Admin on http://localhost:5000/admin

or by making your server reachable on other networks

$ python run0
  1. Access on
  2. Admin on

Docs on Wiki

Is it any good?


python   flask   mongo   pythonhub


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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