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6.0.0 (unreleased)

This release implements a significant design change, which improves rqlite cluster reliability. With this change a rqlite node can more reliably direct read and write requests to the correct node.

In the 5.0 series, Follower nodes learned the HTTP API address of the cluster Leader via information - known as Metadata - that each node wrote to the Raft log. This Metadata was then available to each node in the cluster, if that node needed to redirect queries to the cluster Leader (assuming that node wasn't the Leader at that time). However that design was somewhat complex, and required the tracking of extra state, in addition to the SQLite database. It also meant that if the Metadata got out of sync with the Raft state, the cluster could be in a degraded state.

In this new design, a node now queries the Leader as needed, when that node needs to learn the Leader's HTTP API address. As a result, the Metadata component has been removed from rqlite, since it is no longer needed. And without any possibility of discrepancy between Metadata and Raft state, a whole class of potential bugs is removed. Any request for the Leader HTTP API address means the requesting node node connects to a TCP port already open on the Leader for Raft connections, so does not introduce any new failure modes. This multiplexing of the Raft TCP port is performed via the mux package.

This new design does mean that nodes running earlier software cannot communicate with 6.0 nodes, as 6.0 software no longer performs Metadata updates. As a result, rqlite clusters running 5.x software or earlier must be explicitly upgraded. To upgrade from an earlier version to this release you should backup your Leader node, and restore the database dump into a new 6.0 cluster.

The data API and cluster-management API remain unchanged however, so client code that communicates with rqlite should not need any changes.

New features

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #792: Fetch leader HTTP API addresses on demand.
  • PR #797: Remove redirect key from HTTP status output.

5.12.1 (April 29th 2021)

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #791: Reinstate node CA cert support which was erroneously removed in an earlier change.

5.12.0 (April 24th 2021)

New features

  • PR #788: Upgrade to SQLite 3.35.4.

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #790: Upgrade dependencies, including Hashicorp Raft to v1.3.0.

5.11.1 (April 13th 2021)

Implementation changes and bug fixes

5.11.0 (April 12th 2021)

New features

  • PR #776, PR #777: Support specifying Dialer's local address when performing Join request. Fixes issue #774. Thanks @osxlinux

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #782: Better error messages for command unmarshaling.

5.10.2 (February 19th 2021)

Implementation changes and bug fixes

5.10.1 (February 8th 2021)

Implementation changes and bug fixes

5.10.0 (February 7th 2021)

New features

  • PR #742: Add one-shot option to rqbench.
  • PR #745: TLS version 1.0 and 1.1 disabled by default, but can be re-enabled at the command line. Fixes issue #743.

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #738: Don't use temp file when snapshotting database.
  • PR #739: Don't use temp file when restoring an in-memory database.
  • PR #738: Switch to rqlite fork of mattn/go-sqlite3. The SQLite C code remains unchanged.
  • PR #741: Tighten up Store-level locking.
  • PR #747: Time snapshot, restore, and startup times.
  • PR #750: Build on-disk databases in-memory first. Fixes issue #731.
  • PR #754: Support Noop commands in Raft Log.
  • PR #759, PR #760: Close BoltDB on Store close.
  • PR #757: More extensive system-level testing of Snapshot and Restore.
  • PR #762: Convert Raft stats to numbers where possible. Fixes issue #763.
  • PR #764: Add total Raft directory size to Store stats.
  • PR #764: Close SQLite database only after Raft has been shut down.
  • PR #765: Add auth-ok and auth-fail events to stats.

5.9.0 (January 24th 2021)

New features

  • PR #734: Better control over waiting for Leader at startup, via command line options.

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #724: rqlite CLI displays node version at startup.
  • PR #726: Count number of legacy commands unmarshaled.
  • PR #733: Clearer Raft log status during startup.
  • PR #735: Implement policy over trailing Raft logs.

5.8.0 (December 28th 2020)

New features

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #711, PR# 712: Ignore join addresses if node already part of cluster. Fixes issue #710.
  • PR #715: Compress SQLite database in Raft snapshot.
  • PR #717: Add SQLite database page-centric size to status output.
  • PR #719: Exit if any arguments passed at command line after data directory. Fixes issue #718.

5.7.0 (December 23rd 2020)

New features

  • PR #696: Benchmarking tool now supports query testing.

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #694: Display, in the CLI, the HTTP response body on HTTP status 503.
  • PR #703: Fix potential panic during request parsing.
  • PR #705: Use Protobuf for encoding Raft Log commands.

5.6.0 (November 17th 2020)

New features

  • PR #692: Support setting Raft leader lease timeout.

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #693: Upgrade Go mod dependencies, including upgrading Hashicorp Raft to v1.2.0.

5.5.1 (October 27th 2020)

  • PR #680, PR #681: Add missing calls to set BasicAuth in CLI. Fixes issue #678.
  • PR #682: Explicitly handle "no leader" during backup, and return redirect if necessary.
  • PR #683: Restore request should re-read file every attempt.

5.5.0 (September 27th 2020)

New features

5.4.2 (September 25th 2020)

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #672: Fix issue causing HTTPS-only redirects.

5.4.1 (September 24th 2020)

This release should not be used, due to a HTTP redirection bug.

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #660: Raft log size on disk now reported via status endpoint.
  • PR #670: Add utilities for testing encrypted nodes.
  • PR #671: Set Location for HTTP redirect properly for secure nodes.

5.4.0 (June 14th 2020)

New features

  • PR #654: Allow number of Join attempts and Join interval to be specified at startup. Fixes issue #653.

5.3.0 (May 13th 2020)

New features

  • PR #641: rqlite CLI now supports node removal.

5.2.0 (April 11th 2020)

This release fixes a very significant bug, whereby snapshotting was never occuring due to a zero snapshot-interval being passed to the Raft subsystem. This meant that the Raft log would grow without bound, and could result in very long start-up times if the Raft log was very large.

New features

  • PR #637: Allow the Raft snapshotting check interval to be set at launch time.

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #637: Set the Raft snapshot check interval to 30 seconds by default.

5.1.1 (March 28th 2020)

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #636: Check consistency level before freshness check. Thanks @wangfenjin

5.1.0 (January 10th 2020)

New features

  • PR #613: Support read-only, non-voting nodes. These provide read scalability for the system.
  • PR #614: Support specifying minimum leader freshness with None consistency queries.
  • PR #620: Log level can be specified for Raft module.

5.0.0 (December 30th 2019)

This release uses a new Raft consensus version, with the move to Hashicorp Raft v1. As a result the Raft system in 5.0 is not compatible with the 4.0 series. To upgrade from an earlier version to this release you should backup your 4.0 leader node, and restore the database dump into a new 5.0 cluster.

The rqlite server also supports explicitly setting the node ID. While it's not required to set this, it's recommended for production clusters. See the cluster documentation for more details.

The HTTP Query and Insert API remains unchanged in the 5.0 series relative to the 4.0 series.

New features

  • PR #595: rqlite CLI prints Welcome message on startup.
  • PR #608: Add features list to status output.

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #597: Don't ignore any Join error, instead return it.
  • PR #598: Ensure backup is correctly closed.
  • PR #600: Move to Hashicorp Raft v1.1.1.
  • PR #601: By default use Raft network address as node ID.
  • PR #602: Add method to Store that returns leader ID.
  • PR #603: Fix up status key name style.
  • PR #604: JSON types are also text.
  • PR #605: Broadcast Store meta via consensus.
  • PR #607: Various Redirect fixes.
  • PR #609: Simplify rqlite implementation.
  • PR #610: Write node backup directly to HTTP response writer. Thanks @sum12.
  • PR #611: Add varadic perm check functions to auth store.

4.6.0 (November 29th 2019)

This release adds significant new functionality to the command-line tool, including much more control over backup and restore of the database. Visit the Releases page to download this release.

New features

  • PR #592: Add dump database command (to SQL text file) to CLI.
  • PR #585: Add backup command (to SQLite file) to CLI: Thanks @eariassoto.
  • PR #589: Add restore command (from SQLite file) to CLI. Thanks @eariassoto.
  • PR #584: Support showing query timings in the CLI. Thanks @joaodrp.
  • PR #586: rqlite CLI now supports command-recall via cursor key. Thanks @rhnvrm.
  • PR #564: rqlite server supports specifying trusted root CA certificate. Thanks @zmedico.
  • PR #593: rqlite CLI now supports HTTP proxy (via Environment). Thanks @paulstuart
  • PR #587: Add expvar statistics to store.

Implementation changes and bug fixes

  • PR #591: Store layer supports generating SQL format backups.
  • PR #590: DB layer supports generating SQL format backups.
  • PR #588: Abort transaction if load from backup operation fails.
  • If joining a cluster via HTTP fails, try HTTPS. Fixes issue #577.

4.5.0 (April 24th 2019)

  • PR #551: rqlite CLI supports specifying trusted root CA certificate. Thanks @zmedico.

4.4.0 (January 3rd 2019)

4.3.1 (October 10th 2018)

  • Allow a node to be re-added with same IP address and port, even though it was previously removed. Fixes issue #534.

4.3.0 (March 18th 2018)

4.2.3 (February 21st 2018)

  • PR #389: Log Store directory path on startup.
  • PR #392: Return redirect if node removal attempted on follower. Fixes issue #391.

4.2.2 (December 7th 2017)

  • PR #383: Fix unit tests after underlying SQLite master table changes.
  • PR #384: "status" perm required to access Go runtime information.

4.2.1 (November 10th 2017)

  • PR #367: Remove superflous leading space at CLI prompt.
  • PR #368: CLI displays clear error message when not authorized.
  • PR #370: CLI does not need to indent JSON when making requests.
  • PR #373, PR #374: Add simple INSERT-only benchmarking tool.

4.2.0 (October 19th 2017)

4.1.0 (September 3rd 2017)

  • PR #342: Add missing Store parameters to diagnostic output.
  • PR #343: Support fetching expvar information via CLI.
  • PR #344: Make read-consistency query param value case-insensitive.
  • PR #345: Add unit test coverage for status and expvar endpoints.

4.0.2 (August 8th 2017)

  • PR #337: Include any query params with 301 redirect URL.

4.0.1 (August 4th 2017)

  • PR #316: CLI doesn't need pretty nor timed responses from node.
  • PR #334: Set Content-Type to "application/octet-stream" for backup endpoint. Fixes issue #333.

4.0.0 (June 18th 2017)

The 4.0 release has renamed command-line options relative to earlier releases. This means that previous commands used to launch rqlited will not work. However the command-line changes are cosmetic, and each previous option maps 1-to-1 to a renamed option. Otherwise deployments of earlier releases can be upgraded to the 4.0 series without any other work.

  • PR #309: Tweak start-up logo.
  • PR #308: Move to clearer command-line options.
  • PR #307: Support node-to-node encryption. Fixes issue #93.
  • PR #310: HTTP service supports registration of Status providers; Mux is first client.
  • PR #315: Add status and help commands to CLI.

3.14.0 (May 4th 2017)

3.13.0 (April 3rd 2017)

  • PR #296: Log Go version at startup.
  • PR #294: Support multiple explicit join addresses.
  • PR #297: CLI should explicitly handle redirects due to Go1.8. Fixes issue #295.

3.12.1 (March 2nd 2017)

  • PR #291: Don't access Discovery Service if node already part of cluster.

3.12.0 (March 1st 2017)

  • PR #286: Tweak help output.
  • PR #283: Main code should log to stderr.
  • PR #280, PR #281: Integrate with new Discovery Service.
  • PR #282: Retry cluster-join attempts on failure.
  • PR #289: rqlite HTTP clients should not automatically follow redirects.

3.11.0 (February 12th 2017)

  • PR #268: Allow Store to wait for application of initial logs. Fixes issue #260.
  • PR #272: Add commit, branch, GOOS, and GOARCH, to output of --version.
  • PR #274: Use Hashicorp function to read peers. Thanks @WanliTian
  • PR #278: Add support for dot-commands .tables and .schema to rqlite CLI. Fixes issue #277.

3.10.0 (January 29th 2017)

  • PR #261: Allow Raft Apply timeout to be configurable.
  • PR #262: Log GOOS and GOARCH at startup.

3.9.2 (January 14th 2017)

3.9.1 (December 29th 2016)

  • PR #247: Simplify loading of SQLite dump files via single command execution. Fixes issue #246.
  • PR #247: Correct SQLite dump load authentication check.

3.9.0 (December 24th 2016)

  • PR #239: Add an API to the Store layer for custom peers storage and logging. Thanks @tych0
  • PR #221: Start full support for various SQLite text types. Fix issue #240.
  • PR #242: Support direct copying of the database via the Store. Thanks @tych0.
  • PR #243: Use Store logging everywhere in the Store package.

3.8.0 (December 15th 2016)

  • PR #230: Move Chinook test data to idiomatic testdata directory.
  • PR #232, PR #233: rqlite CLI now supports accessing secured rqlited nodes. Thanks @tych0.
  • PR #235: Return correct error, if one occurs, during backup. Thanks @tych0.
  • PR #237, PR #238: Support observing Raft changes. Thanks @tych0

3.7.0 (November 24th 2016)

  • With this release rqlite is moving to Go 1.7.
  • PR #206, #217: Support loading data directly from SQLite dump files.
  • PR #209: Tweak help output.
  • PR #229: Remove explicit control of foreign key constraints.
  • PR #207: Database supports returning foreign key constraint status.
  • PR #211: Diagnostics show actual foreign key constraint state.
  • PR #212: Add database configuration to diagnostics output.
  • PR #224, PR #225: Add low-level database layer expvar stats.

3.6.0 (October 1st 2016)

  • PR #195: Set Content-type "application/json" on all HTTP responses.
  • PR #193: Allow joining a cluster through any node, not just the leader.
  • PR #187: Support memory profiling.
  • Go cyclo complexity changes.
  • With this release Windows compatibility is checked with every build.

3.5.0 (September 5th 2016)

  • PR #185: Enable foreign key constraints by default.

3.4.1 (September 1st 2016)

  • PR #175: Simplify error handling of Update Peers API.
  • PR #170: Log any failure to call Serve() on HTTP service.
  • Go lint fixes.
  • Go cyclo complexity changes.

3.4.0 (July 7th 2016)

  • PR #159: All HTTP responses set X-RQLITE-VERSION.

3.3.0 (June 1st 2016)

  • PR #151: Support configurable Raft heartbeat timeout.
  • PR #149: Support configurable Raft snapshot thresholds.
  • PR #148: Support pprof information over HTTP.
  • PR #154: CLI now redirects to leader if necessary.
  • PR #155: CLI now handles "no rows" correctly.

3.2.1 (May 22nd 2016)

  • PR #143: Use DELETE as HTTP method to remove nodes.

3.2.0 (May 21st 2016)

  • PR #142: Use correct HTTP methods on all endpoints.
  • PR #137: Use resolved version of joining node's address.
  • PR #136: Better errors on join failures.
  • PR #133: Add Peers to status output.
  • PR #132: Support removing a node from a cluster.
  • PR #131: Only convert []byte from database to string if "text". Thanks @bkeroackdsc
  • PR #129: Verify all statements sent to query endpoint begin with "SELECT".
  • PR #141: Store methods to expose node Raft state. Thanks @bkeroack

3.1.0 (May 4th 2016)

  • PR #118: New rqlite CLI. Thanks @mkideal
  • PR #125: Add Go runtime details to status endpoint.

3.0.1 (May 1st 2016)

  • PR #117: Use Raft advertise address, if exists, during join.

3.0.0 (May 1st 2016)

The Raft log format in 3.0 is not compatible with the 2.0 series. To upgrade from an earlier version to this release you should backup your 2.0 leader node, and replay the database dump into a new 3.0 cluster. The HTTP API remains unchanged however.

  • PR #116: Allow HTTP advertise address to be set.
  • PR #115: Support advertising address different than Raft bind address.
  • PR #113: Switch to in-memory SQLite databases by default.
  • PR #109: Nodes broadcast meta to cluster via Raft.
  • PR #109, PR #111: Leader redirection
  • PR #104: Handle the -join option sensibly when already member of cluster.

2.2.2 (April 24th 2016)

  • PR #96: Add build time to status output.
  • PR #101: Fix restore to in-memory databases.

2.2.1 (April 19th 2016)

  • PR #95: Correctly set HTTP authentication.

2.2.0 (April 18th 2016)

  • PR #84: Encrypted API (HTTPS) now supported.
  • PR #85: BasicAuth support.
  • PR #85: User-level permissions support.
  • Print rqlited logo on start-up.
  • End-to-end single-node and multi-node unit tests.

2.1 (April 9th 2016)

  • PR #76: Obey timing information display at database level.
  • PR #77: Add version information to binary.

2.0 (April 5th 2016)

  • timings URL param to control presence of timing information in response.
  • PR #74: Use SQLite connection directly. Thanks @zmedico.
  • Update operations return last-inserted ID.
  • Column-oriented API responses.
  • Types in API response body.
  • Query times in addition to sum of query times.
  • New Raft consensus module, built on Hashicorp's implementation.
  • Hot backup support.
  • Selectable read-consistency levels of none, weak, and strong.
  • SQLite file size added to HTTP API status endpoint.
  • expvar support added to HTTP server.

1.0 (June 23rd 2015)

Check out this tag for full details.