IMAP Speed Improvements for 1.9.3 branch #193

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My initial problem was that I couldn't specify "1:*" for the range to pull all of the messages from the selected mailbox. After I could retrieve them all, I encountered a few bugs parsing the emails in my inbox.

I originally patched the 1.9.3 branch, and have made a separate patch for the trunk branch. This is the 1.9.3 branch, I will make a separate pull request for the trunk.

@tenderlove tenderlove commented on the diff Oct 12, 2012
+ @strings = []
+ end
+ def put_string(s)
+ @strings << s
+ end
+ attr_accessor :strings
+class IMAPMessageSetTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
+ ### Validation Tests
+ def assert_messageset_ok_with(set)
+ ms =
+ assert_nothing_raised do
+ ms.validate
tenderlove Oct 12, 2012 Owner

Is validate supposed to return something? If so, could we just test that it returns the appropriate thing (rather than testing that it doesn't raise an exception).

tonyarkles Oct 12, 2012

I don't think so. It throws an exception if things don't validate, but I think that's about it. There's a bunch of #validate methods on other objects that do nothing at all.

shugo Oct 12, 2012 Member

You're right. validate is supposed to return nothing and to raise an exception if the receiver is not valid.


This issue should be for @shugo, but I can't seem to assign it to him.

shugo commented Oct 12, 2012

Could you file a ticket for trunk at

I can definitely file a ticket for trunk. This is kind of addressing a few issues at once; should I just make a single ticket for all of them, or should I make a separate ticket for each?

shugo commented Oct 12, 2012

I prefer a separate ticket for each feature.

zzak commented Nov 19, 2012

I'm closing this please refer to the following tickets in redmine: #7145, #7146 and #7147

@zzak zzak closed this Nov 19, 2012
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