Incorporate OpenSSL tests from JRuby. #206

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headius commented Oct 27, 2012

These are tests we added to jruby-openssl over the years. They did not have equivalents in Ruby's test suite, so we are hoping to contribute them back to help build up MRI's suite as a common suite.

Some caveats:

  • Not all of these pass in MRI's OpenSSL impl. Many differences appear to be minor, but I need help sorting out what's wrong in MRI or JRuby or minor enough that the test just needs to be patched.
  • There are several tests that reference bug numbers from JRuby. We would like to contribute these tests, but we would ideally not lose the JRuby bug numbers for future reference.
  • This commit also adds fixtures for the certificate tests, using some self-generated certs, keys, etc.

I am standing by to work with ruby-core on getting these tests incorporated.


zzak commented Nov 19, 2012

I'm closing this, please refer to Feature #7400 in redmine

zzak closed this Nov 19, 2012

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