Gravatar wrapper for ASP.NET MVC
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Gravatar wrapper for ASP.NET MVC. Feel free to use it any way you want.


<img src="@Url.Gravatar("", 100)" alt="" /> <!-- Displays a Gravatar for with a size of 100x100 pixels -->
<img src="@Url.Gravatar("", 100, DefaultGravatar.Wavatar, GravatarRating.G)" alt="" /> <!-- Displays a 100x100 generated Wavatar if the Gravatar does not exist as a G-rated image -->
<img src="@Url.GravatarGenerator("").Size(100).DefaultImage(DefaultGravatar.Wavatar).Rating(GravatarRating.G).Url" alt="" /> <!-- Same as above -->
<img src="@Url.GravatarGenerator("").Size(100).DefaultImage(DefaultGravatar.Wavatar).Rating(GravatarRating.G).AppendFileType().Url" alt="" /> <!-- Same as above but appends .jpg to the image name -->