Getting Started with Johnny Five and Xbee

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Setting up the XBees

  1. Open the XbeeConfigTool zip and start the XbeeConfigTool. Assuming you're on a Mac, open application.macosx and open the XBeeConfigTool app.
  2. Connect one of your XBees to your machine with the XBee Explorer. XBee Explorer
  3. Select the port that corresponds to your XBee.
  4. Select programming mode for this XBee.
  5. Select 57600 baud.
  6. Leave all the id stuff alone.
  7. Click configure.
  8. When it's all done unplug the first XBee. This will be the one that will be connected to your computer.
  9. Plug the second XBee into the explorer and re-open the app (sometimes the port list doesn't refresh).
  10. Select the port that corresponds to your XBee.
  11. Select Arduino fio radio mode for this XBee.
  12. Select 57600 baud.
  13. The My ID field should've incremented by one on its own.
  14. Click configure.
  15. When it's all done configuring unplug the second XBee, plug it into whatever shield you're using on the arduino. Arduino Shield with XBee
  16. Plug the first XBee back into the explorer. There is now a link between these two and they will communicate.


  • Make sure that the UART/Software Serial Switch is set to UART and not DLINE. UART/Software Serial Switch