A google action for recreational pilots
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Fly Today

Fly today is a google assistant action that lets you know if it's VFR or IFR at an airport of your choice. For those who don't know what this means, it's pilot weather. VFR means it's Visual Flight Rules, so pilots without instrument training can fly. IFR means the weather sucks, so only pilots with specific instrument training can fly.

Fly Today Logo


This project uses aviationweather.gov as it's source of aviation information.

Using it

To activate it, you can say something like this to your Google Assistant enabled device:

Hey Google, ask Fly Today if the Weather is good at YYZ right now

to which the assistant responds

Sure, here's Fly Today.

It's looking like low IFR right now at Lester B. Pearson International, Toronto.

Project History

Originally built in PHP, I migrated this project to python so I could run it in a serverless environment and never worry about devops. It now runs as a Google Cloud Function.


Contributions are welcome, feel free to submit a PR to add a feature.