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a proof-of-concept implementation of Whanau DHT
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WhanauSIP was a project started as part of a Master's thesis. ( The goal was to use a Sybil-proof distributed hash table for resource location in a P2P-SIP implementation, enabling IM, audio, and video chat that is resilient to censorship, eavesdropping, and forgery.

This code was copied from a private SVN repository and only contains an implementation of the Whanau DHT ( It is for all intents and purposes, a preliminary research implementation, and was last updated in 2010. Licensed GPL v3.0


See the code at for some example initialization code. src/edu/mit/csail/whanausip/dht/tester/

The code hasn't been run or tested since moving to GitHub, and likely requires a bit of updating. The DHT at least depends on the following, perhaps more:

  • Bouncy Castle JDK1.6-143
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