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paultcochrane commented Dec 15, 2016

The copyright year is updated to the year of the current release (2015) and added a missing name to the copyright information, which had been partially added in an eariler commit, however not yet added to the dist.ini.

If you wish to have this PR changed, please just let me know and I'll update it and resubmit.

paultcochrane added some commits Dec 15, 2016

Add missing author name to copyright info
Dave Rolsky had added his name to most copyright statements in an
earlier commit, however had added his name to the LICENSE file, which is
actually automatically generated.  Hence his name needed to be added to
`dist.ini`.  The LICENSE is also updated in this commit since it is also
part of the repository.  Instead of simply replacing the current year as
is the default in Dist::Zilla the initial year (found to be 2014) is
added explicitly.  Also, since there hasn't yet been a release of this
software in 2016, the final year in the copyright statement has been
left at the most recent release year, 2015.
Extend copyright year range in die_on_overflow
... up to the year of the current release (2015).
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