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VisiData v2.0.1 CircleCI

A terminal interface for exploring and arranging tabular data.

Frequency table


  • Linux, OS/X or Windows
  • Python 3.6+
  • python-dateutil
  • other modules may be required for opening particular data sources

Getting started


Each package contains the full loader suite but differs in which loader dependencies will get installed by default.

The base VisiData package concerns loaders whose dependencies are covered by the Python3 standard library.

Base loaders: tsv, csv, json, sqlite, and fixed width text.

Platform Package Manager Command Out-of-box Loaders
all pip3 pip3 install visidata Base
all conda conda install --channel conda-forge visidata Base, http, html, xls(x)
MacOS Homebrew brew install saulpw/vd/visidata Base, http, html, xls(x)
Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) apt full instructions Base, http, html, xls(x)
Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) dpkg full instructions Base, http, html, xls(x)
Windows WSL Windows is not directly supported (use WSL) N/A
all github pip3 install git+ Base
Linux (NixOS) nix nix-env -i visidata Base, yaml, xls(x), hdf5, html, pandas, shp

Please see /install for detailed instructions, additional information, and troubleshooting.


$ vd [<options>] <input> ...
$ <command> | vd [<options>]

VisiData supports tsv, csv, xlsx, hdf5, sqlite, json and more (see the list of supported sources).

Use -f <filetype> to force a particular filetype.


Help and Support

If you have a question, issue, or suggestion regarding VisiData, please create an issue on Github or chat with us at #visidata on

Here are some concrete ways you can help make VisiData even more awesome:

Other applications within the VisiData ecosystem

The core interface paradigm--rows and columns--can be used to create efficient terminal workflows with a minimum of effort for almost any application. These have been prototyped as proof of this concept:

Other workflows can also be created as separate apps using the visidata module. These apps can be very small and provide a lot of functionality; for example, see the included viewtsv.


VisiData, including the main vd application, addons, loaders, and other code in this repository, is available for use and redistribution under GPLv3.


VisiData is conceived and developed by Saul Pwanson <>.

Anja Kefala <> maintains the documentation and packages for all platforms.

Many thanks to numerous other contributors, and to those wonderful users who provide feedback, for helping to make VisiData the awesome tool that it is.

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