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Non-standard but schema-valid rId values raise exception on #3

scanny opened this Issue Feb 12, 2013 · 1 comment

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scanny commented Feb 12, 2013

Jasper Reports, and perhaps other PresentationML generators, produce relationship id values, some of which do not follow the PowerPoint® client convention of 'rId%d'. In this particular case, the relationship ids included 'rIdSm' for the slide master. A ValueError was thrown in _Relationship._num when this value was encountered.

@scanny scanny was assigned Feb 12, 2013
@scanny scanny added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 12, 2013
@scanny fix issue #3: non-standard rId raises exception
* add try/except block to _Relationship._num to apply numeric value of
9999 to non-standard rIds. This results in those relationships being
sorted to an arbitrary position at the end of the list, behind
relationships with conformant rId values.

* comment out _reltype_ordering assignment in Presentation._load to
prevent presentation rIds from being renumbered, as renumbering was
causing inconsistency between slide master rId stored in
presentation.xml <p:sldMasterIdLst>

* factor __rewrite_sldIdLst() out to a helper method to clarify intent
in Presentation._blob

Full fix would require adding element rewriting code for all four
relationship lists in presentation.xml in Presentation._blob. That
effort is postponed until support is added for manipulating
slideMaster, notesMaster, and/or handoutMaster parts.
scanny commented Feb 12, 2013

Close inspection of the relevant schema reveals that rId values may be arbitrary xsd:ID strings, starting with a letter or underscore and containing only letters, digits, underscores, periods, and dashes. Renumbering of relationship ids was commented out for now and non-standard rIds are preserved intact through the open() to save() cycle.

@scanny scanny closed this Feb 12, 2013
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