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Orta - An Overlay for Real Time Applications

For general information on the protocol, please see

This work was the product of my Masters year at the Computing Science department of the University of Glasgow, Scotland, between September 2004 and June 2005.

The code presented in this distribution implements the Orta protocol, which has been submitted to IEEE Infocom 2006 for review [1]. The code here is not identical to that submitted as part of my dissertation, but is instead a slightly modified version of the code -- code structure is slightly more logical, but the core functionality is exactly as was submitted.

Feel free to use this code as you wish. I'd be very interested in hearing about potential uses for the code and/or the protocol, ideas for further work on the protocol, and indeed patches to fix bugs (there are likely to be many, as this was my first coding project using the C language which was more than a trivial several-line exercise).

The code is essentially provided "as-is". I've tested on a variety of Linux systems, and tested previous code on FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE (i.e.: if this release does not compile on FreeBSD, it wouldn't take much effort to make it compile...). Due to various work/life commitments, the support I can offer on the code is obviously limited, but do feel free to contact me if you have problems.

-- For licensing information, please read ./LICENSE Stephen D. Strowes,, 2005.


[1] S. Strowes, C. S. Perkins, "Orta - an Overlay for Real Time Applications", available at


the Orta overlay for real-time group traffic




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