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Seed Quickstart

Basic Rust-only template for your new Seed app.

1. Create a new project

  1. You can use cargo generate to use this template.

    $ cargo generate --git --name my-project
    $ cd my-project
  2. Alternatively, simply click on the green button Use this template on the GitHub profile of this quickstart.

  3. Make sure Git doesn't automatically convert your newlines to CRLF because linters don't like it.

    • Run $ git config --global core.autocrlf in your terminal and it should return input or false. See Git docs for more info.
  4. Clone your new repository to your local machine. I use GitKraken, but you are probably a better developer than me - use your favorite terminal.

2. Install / check required tools

  1. Make sure you have basic tools installed:

  2. Platform-specific tools like ssl and pkg-config:

    • Follow recommendations in build errors (during the next chapter).
    • Note: Don't hesitate to write notes or a tutorial for your platform and create a PR .

3. Prepare your project for work

  1. Open the project in your favorite IDE (I recommend VS Code + Rust Analyzer).
  2. Open a new terminal tab / window and run: cargo make serve
  3. Open a second terminal tab and run: cargo make watch
  4. If you see errors, try to fix them or write on our chat or forum.
  5. Modify files like and Cargo.toml as you wish.

4. Write your website

  1. Open localhost:8000 in a browser (I recommend Firefox and Chrome).
  2. Modify source files (e.g. /src/ or /index.html).
  3. Watch compilation in the terminal tab where you run cargo make watch.
  4. You can watch dev-server responses in the tab where you run cargo make serve.
  5. Refresh your browser and see changes.
  6. Go to step 2.

5. Prepare your project for deploy

  1. Run cargo make verify in your terminal to format and lint the code.
  2. Run cargo make build_release.
  3. Upload index.html and pkg into your server's public folder.
    • Don't forget to upload also configuration files for your hosting, see the Netlify one below.
# netlify.toml
  from = "/*"
  to = "/index.html"
  status = 200

Other Seed quickstarts and projects

!!! New Rust-only quickstart in development! => Seeder !!!