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This repo performs a few different purposes:

Installing the App

1. Install dependencies

Requires NodeJS (>= v0.8).

Install the requirements (in package.json):

npm install .


This is optional - the app will work out of the box with the default configuration (see lib/config.js).

You can configure the app by setting environment variables:

Run the web application

Run the web app locally:

node app.js

If you want to do a deployment to Heroku see the next section.

Deployment to Heroku

Note that you will need to install the Heroku toolbelt to carry out the heroku commands below.

Create the application on Heroku

Skip this step if the application is already deployed

This is heavily based on this tutorial.

# replace {app-name} with the name of your app
heroku create {app-name}
git push heroku master
# now point at our config
heroku ps:scale web=1

To deploy (already created):

Push to heroku git repo:

git push heroku master

Note: if didn't do the create you will need to add the heroku remote:

git remote add heroku{app-name}.git

Adding collaborators:

heroku sharing:add

Setting the domain name

Do the following:

heroku domains:add {your-domain-name}

Now CNAME your domain to {myapp}