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Just a quick mini-fork/port of Nic Strong's FestUtils and FestAssertionsAndroid(which are post of FestUtils and Fest) so I could build it and use th jars in android projects as I do not use Maven. All credit goes to Nic Storng who owas the original coder that ported this to Android.

The Two projects are: FestUtilitiesAndroid FestAssertionsForAndroid

You need to use boht jars in your Androdi instrumented Test Project.

Current Version

Current version is built aginst Androdi SDK version 15, ie 4.0.x. I built the jars by just doing comiled jar export making sure to delete the android.jar it includes as alib to prevent conflicts.

Nic Strong's orginal ports are at:

FestUtilsAndroid FestAssertionsAndroid


Apache 2.0 License

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