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This is a simple backtracker that locates radiation sources (and their geometry, but not yet!) given radiation dosage samples. It takes into account the spontaneous gamma-radaiation emmitted by radioactive decay of unstable material. The application is built for 3D space and backtracks radiation sources using the Boltzmann Transport Principle.

There are 3 main parts to this project:

  • Source Simulator (lib)
  • Sampler (lib + bin)
  • Backtracker (bin)

Source Simulator

Simulates radiation sources at given position using the Boltzmann Transport Principle and provides API to get radiation dosage samples at any point in the given space.


Uses the simulator library to generate radiation samples at random points in the space. The samples are written to a csv file for further use.


Uses an approach similar to Monte Carlo Simulation to backtrack and locate the sources of radiation in the space.It generates a Probability Distribution of the presence of source and writes it out to a csv file.

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