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Pushalot is the best application for sending free push notifications to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 and 8, using this very simple API for PHP.

Pushalot PHP Class

Pushalot PHP Class is a PHP wrapper class for using the Pushalot ( REST API. Have a look at their API docs ( for more information about all the parameters. Please note that you need to get the authorization token of your default "api" app ( You may also create a custom app there.


  • Pushalot([authorizationToken, proxy url, proxy user:pass])

Constructor which takes up to 3 optional arguments.

  • sendMessage(params)

Sends the message and returns true if the message was successfully sent or false, if not. Use a key/value pair list to set the params here. See the Pushalot API ( docs for more information.

  • getError()

If sendMessage returned false, this function returns a detailed error.

  • setProxy(url, user:pass)

Set the proxy which cURL will use. Pass the proxy host and the login details like "user:password".