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#Mappings ##Moving

  • move between windows <C-J> <C-K> <C-H> <C-L>
  • move between tabs <S-H> <S-L>
  • zoom in and out of current window ,gz
  • go to tab nr.1 ,1
  • split window vv ss
  • new split window ,v ,s
  • adjust viewports ,=
  • close current window ,q
  • open quickfixwindow <C-Q>o
  • close quickfixwindow <C-Q>c
  • open a quickfix window for the last search <C-Q>/


  • get out of insert mode jj
  • jump to matching parents easy (replace %) <Tab>
  • yank from cursor to the end of the line Y
  • open a split window for each dirty file in git ,ocf
  • edit the any file from current directory in a new window ,ew (press tab for autocomplete)
  • edit the any file from current directory in a split window ,es (press tab for autocomplete)
  • edit the any file from current directory in a vertical window ,ev (press tab for autocomplete)
  • edit the any file from current directory in a new tab ,et
  • clear curent search highlight //
  • code folding levels ,f1


  • complete everything <TAB>


  • toggle nerdtree <C-E>
  • Open the project tree and expose current file in the nerdtree with <C-\>


  • search for files ,,
  • search for buffers ,.
  • search most recent used ,/
  • search for functions ,f

Multiple cursors

  • while on a visual selected word, press <C-N>
  • to go to previous occurance and unselect the current onw <C-P>
  • to go to next occurance but unselect the current onw <C-X>

##Easy Motion

  • leader key ,w
  • go to character ,wf
  • go till ,wt
  • go at beginning of word ,ww
  • go to line down/up ,wj / ,wk


  • leader key ,g
  • status ,gs
  • diff ,gd
  • commit ,gc
  • blame ,gb
  • log ,gl
  • push ,gp
  • read ,gr
  • write ,gw
  • edit ,ge
  • gutter toggle ,gg


  • open the repository log ,gv


  • mapping ,u


  • Show/hide code sniffer and mess detector violations ,qa
  • Show/hide code coverage markers ,qc

##PHP Refactoring

  • PhpRenameLocalVariable ,rlv
  • PhpRenameClassVariable ,rcv
  • PhpRenameMethod ,rm
  • PhpExtractUse ,eu
  • PhpExtractConst ,ec
  • PhpExtractClassProperty ,ep
  • PhpExtractMethod ,em
  • PhpCreateProperty ,np
  • PhpDetectUnusedUseStatements ,du
  • PhpAlignAssigns,==
  • PhpDocAll ,da


  • launch the unit test command for file name ,T %

##Vim Sessions

  • save session ,ss
  • list sessions ,sl
  • open session ,so

##Tabularize map leader ,a

  • tabularize after = ,a=
  • tabularize after : ,a:
  • so on


  • toggle tagbar ,tt


  • yankring toggle ,y

#Vim debug (XDEBUG)

  • <F5>: start/run (to next breakpoint/end of script)
  • <F2>: step over
  • <F3>: step into
  • <F4>: step out
  • <F6>: stop debugging
  • <F7>: detach script from debugger
  • <F9>: run to cursor
  • <F10>: set line breakpoint
  • <F11>: show context variables (e.g. after "eval")
  • <F12>: evaluate variable under cursor
  • :Breakpoint <type> <args>: set a breakpoint of any type (see :help VdebugBreakpoints)
  • :VdebugEval <code>: evaluate some code and display the result
  • <Leader>e: evaluate the expression under visual highlight and display the result

##PIV (PHP specific keys)

  • PHP manual for the word under the cursor k
  • php documentor ,pd

##NERD Commenter

  • comment out the current line or text selected in visual mode. ,cc
  • Toggles the comment state of the selected line(s). ,c<space>
  • Comments the given lines using only one set of multipart delimiters. ,cm
  • Adds comment delimiters to the end of line and goes into insert mode between ,cA
  • Comments the current line from the cursor to the end of line. ,c$