Python library for interfacing with the GitHub APIv3
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README.rst is a comprehensive, actively developed and extraordinarily stable wrapper around the GitHub API (v3).

See HISTORY.rst for any "breaking" changes.


$ pip install --pre



Please read the CONTRIBUTING document.


You can run either pip install -r dev-requirements.txt to install the following before testing or simply make test-deps. It is suggested you do this in a virtual enviroment. These need to be installed for the tests to run.


Modified BSD license


See the docs for more examples.


Install the dependencies from requirements.txt e.g.:

make tests


Ian Cordasco (sigmavirus24)

Contact Options

  • Feel free to use the tag on StackOverflow for any questions you may have
  • If you dislike StackOverflow it is preferred that you send an email to
  • You may also contact (via email) the author directly with questions/suggestions/comments or if you wish to include sensitive data.