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sigmavirus24/ is a comprehensive, actively developed, and extraordinarily stable wrapper around the GitHub API (v3).

Note: This library currently works with Python 3.7+ or pypy3. For older versions, please use version 1.3.0.


$ pip install



Please read the CONTRIBUTING document.


You can run pip install -e .[dev] to install the following before testing or simply make test-deps. It is suggested you do this in a virtual environment. These need to be installed for the tests to run.

Build status

You can find build statuses for different environments.


Modified BSD license


See the docs for more examples.


Install the dependencies from requirements.txt e.g.:

make tests


Ian Stapleton Cordasco (sigmavirus24)

Contact Options

  • Feel free to use the tag on Stack Overflow for any questions you may have.
  • If you dislike Stack Overflow, it is preferred that you use Github discussions (
  • You may also contact (via email) the author directly with questions/suggestions/comments or if you wish to include sensitive data.