A Craft CMS fieldtype for content managing points on images.
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Donkeytail Craft CMS Fieldtype

A Craft CMS fieldtype for content managing points on images

Donkeytail Lite is a Craft CMS fieldtype that allows you to quickly and easily content manage points on images. You can use it for locations on a faux map, showcasing multiple products within an image, or even pinning the tail on a donkey.

Follow the @simplygoodwork Twitter account for updates.


  • Craft 2.5+
  • Tested in PHP version 7


  1. Copy the donkeytail/ folder to your craft/plugins/ folder
  2. Go to Settings > Plugins in your Craft control panel and install the plugin.



In Donkeytail the image you’re adding points to is called the canvas and the points you’re adding are called dots.


  • Canvas asset: The canvas image with which you’ll add your dots to
  • Show siblings: Enable this to show dots from other entries in the current section. These will be shown with half opacity
  • Dot type: Choose either a circle or a traditional map style pin. The circle will use the center as the anchor point while the pin uses the bottom middle
  • Dot width: The width (in pixels) to show dots on the canvas, it’s probably best to have this match your front end as close as possible
  • Dot color: Choose a color for the dot fill (dots have a white border by default).

Template tags

The field returns 3 strings:

  • leftPercentage: The left percentage value of the dot’s anchor point in relation to the canvas
  • topPercentage: The top percentage value of the dot’s anchor point in relation to the canvas
  • topLeftStyles: Returns the top and left percentages as CSS style properties and values. For example top:42.1210%;left:88.1337%;.

Real world example

You’ll need to render the canvas asset yourself as you normally would within a template. (the field doens’t offer this incase you’d like to use a different, perhaps simplified version in the control panel)

A real world example would likely have the canvas in a parent container with position:relative. The dots can then be set to position:absolute and their positions output using an inline style attribute and {{ entry.fieldName.topLeftStyles }}. Don't forget to use negative margins or similar to move your front-end marker’s point to the match the anchor point of the dot.

Did you know?

You can hold shift while clicking on a sibling dot to jump straight to that entry.

The future

The current version of Donkeytail, Donkeytail Lite, is limited to a single image asset per fieldtype. Follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date with our plans for Donkeytail Pro, a more robust option for your multi asset needs.

Happy pinning!