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[default] stanza not showing up in props.conf #45

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Running into a problem that is really boggling me. I am listing the stanzas in props.conf. Basically the one under system/default. (from the nobody/system namespace)

The problem is that the [default]-stanza doesn't show up. I have tried adding new stanzas after and before the [default] stanza and they show up when you list the stanzas in the props.conf SDK Conf object.

I tried listing stuff that gets parsed in the splunklib/ and I noticed a default-mode title string popping up here and there when listing. The default-mode didn't get listed as a stanza though.


Forgot to mention that this is important for Helmut since we need to be able to correctly display all stanzas in a .conf file for tests. And if the problem is on Helmut's side, the sooner I know the better :)


Sorry I'm being a little slow to respond. This is from the master branch, correct? And on Splunk 4.3? Let me know and I'll try to come up with a fix for you.


Yes! it is on 4.3.4 (133620)

I noticed now that a new master has been released, we have the b33648a from April. Is this problem fixed in the later release?


@parhamfh can you try it on the most recent master version, and post a short script that shows the problem (you can make a gist)? Want to make sure it still is an issue and get a solid repro.


Will do, @itay


Here is the Gist @itay:
I dont really know how to use gist but here is the link as well

The output produced is

phashemi@pizzahashemi:~/helmut/helmut/contrib/splunk-sdk-python> ./  | grep default

Great, thanks. Let's see what I can find.


Any news guys?


Sorry for slowness. conf2012 pretty much took me offline, and I'm only partially recovered.

I've figured out what's going on: configs/ doesn't return the default stanza; properties/ does. The config bindings in the SDK aren't using the right mix of paths. It will be fixed in the next release.


btw, you can keep track of this at DVPL-962 in Jira.


Awesome @madhadron! I'll keep my eye on the JIRA!

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