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Inputs does not support adding oneshot #9

parhamfh opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hi guys,

In the INPUT_KINDMAP oneshot is not listed. The preferred way seems to be uploading through an index? I see why you could upload to an index but since you through REST can also add an oneshot input, shouldn't that functionality also exist in the SDK?



You are right. Let me explain a bit of the reasoning: there are several endpoints, like data/inputs/oneshot, receivers/simple, etc, that more or less operate on an index, rather than an input. So we defined the upload function on the Index object rather than as a generic input.

So if you wanted to create a oneshot input, you could just create an instance of the Index class with the name of the index you want it uploaded to, and then use the upload function.

However, the shortcoming is that you must always specify an index, while the data/inputs/oneshot does not require one (it will default to the main index none is specified). So I think it is reasonable for us to add this in the next version - I will look into it.


Hello guys, is there a JIRA for this one?



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