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Amsterdam, NL

🐧 Me

Hi friends! I do a lot of open source, since 2013, mostly around content, markup, natural language, and syntax trees. I actively maintain about ±450 repositories and ±600 packages, which are downloaded about 3 billion times a year. About half of this is part of the @unifiedjs collective where I am a core team member.

Since May 2019, my open source work on unified has been funded by the awesome community. Outside of unified, I like to work on tiny lego-brick utilities, fun experiments, syntax highlighting, spell checking, detecting language, being considerate, and many more things!

I get really excited about content and syntax trees. We’re already seeing interesting things (such as JAMstack and MDX) pop up, and I can’t wait to see what the the future holds in store for content and syntax trees and want to work towards advancing them.

👏 You

You appreciate the work I do, you value it, you may even get as excited as I do about content and syntax trees, and you can support me financially. If you can’t, don’t want to, or no longer want to, that’s also perfectly fine!

🇳🇱 Tiers

I made the tiers reflect a couple of fun things that I like to do with friends in Amsterdam, where I live. They are things I like, sometimes pricey, and only a shortlist: I have many more ideas, including free ones. Aside from what the tiers get you, I think it would be fun, if we’re both in Amsterdam, to do such things together!

Thank you for your support, 🙌


24 sponsors are funding wooorm’s work.


Featured work

  1. unifiedjs/unified

    ☔️ interface for parsing, inspecting, transforming, and serializing content through syntax trees

    JavaScript 3,335
  2. remarkjs/remark

    remark is a popular tool that transforms markdown with plugins. These plugins can inspect and change your markup. You can use remark on the server, the client, CLIs, deno, etc.

    JavaScript 5,197
  3. retextjs/retext

    natural language processor powered by plugins part of the @unifiedjs collective

    JavaScript 2,157
  4. rehypejs/rehype

    HTML processor powered by plugins part of the @unifiedjs collective

    JavaScript 965
  5. wooorm/franc

    Natural language detection

    JavaScript 3,661
  6. mdx-js/mdx

    Markdown for the component era

    JavaScript 13,085

Select a tier

$5 a month


☕️ Price of coffee: Café de Jaren has a nice view

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$10 a month


🍲 Price of take out: maybe Tom Ka Koeng soup at my favourite Thai place

  • All of the above

$15 a month


🍺 Price of a couple of drinks: maybe at Café ’t Mandje (opened in ’27, so the oldest still open gay bar in Amsterdam) or maybe Café ’t Aepjen (one of the last two wooden houses in Amsterdam)

$50 a month


🍔 Price of a dinner: a burger, a drink, and watching flamingoes for free, for two people

$100 a month


🍸 Price of a fancy dinner: maybe dinner at De Waaghals or cocktails at Hiding in Plain Sight, for two

$250 a month


🚲 Price of a decent new bike: my 40 year old bike that I’m currently racing around Amsterdam with is getting a bit rusty in places that shouldn’t go rusty

  • All of the above