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The Spring Integration Extensions project provides extension components for Spring Integration
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Latest commit 2e92477 @artembilan artembilan committed with garyrussell INTEXT-195: Add XMPP Extension for Smack 4.1

Upgrade to Smack 4.1

Rework logic to the `XMPPConnection` interface

Refactoring for the `XmppConnectionFactoryBean` to extract `serviceName` from the `user`.

Remove redundant dependencies

Add `smack-java7` dependency and some other polishing after testing

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samples INTEXT-40 Add ZIP Transformer
spring-integration-aws Move AWS to separate repo
spring-integration-cassandra Upgrade to SI-4.2.0.RELEASE
spring-integration-hazelcast INTEXT-167: Add Cluster Monitor Channel Adapter
spring-integration-ip-extensions INTEXT-39 Remove Experimental WebSocket Code
spring-integration-java-dsl DSL: Move Java DSL to the separate repo
spring-integration-jgroups INTEXT-65 Add JGroups Extension
spring-integration-jt400 INTEXT-163: Add JT400 Module
spring-integration-kafka INTEXT-40 Add ZIP Transformer
spring-integration-mqtt Remove spring-integration-mqtt from master
spring-integration-print INTEXT-70 - Set code coverage plugin for Sonar
spring-integration-smb INTEXT-70 - Set code coverage plugin for Sonar
spring-integration-smpp INTEXT-122: Make XSD versionless from SI-core XSD
spring-integration-splunk Move Splunk to the individual repo
spring-integration-voldemort INTEXT-70 - Set code coverage plugin for Sonar
spring-integration-xmpp-smack41 INTEXT-195: Add XMPP Extension for Smack 4.1
spring-integration-xquery INTEXT-25 - Polish pom and update dependency versions
spring-integration-zip INTEXT-40 Add ZIP Transformer
.gitignore INTEXT-40 Add ZIP Transformer INTEXT-167: Add Cluster Monitor Channel Adapter

Spring Integration Extensions

The Spring Integration Extensions project provides extension modules for Spring Integration. This project is part of the SpringSource organization on GitHub.

Available Modules


Under the samples directory, you will find samples for the various modules. Please refer to the documentation of each sample for further details.

Getting support

Check out the Spring Integration forums and the spring-integration tag on Stack Overflow. Commercial support is available too.

Related GitHub projects

Issue Tracking

Report issues via the Spring Integration Extensions JIRA.

Building from source

Each module of the Spring Integration Extensions project is hosted as independent project with its own release cycle. For the build process of individual modules we recomend using a Gradle-based build system modelled after the Spring Integration project. Also, the Spring Integration Adapter Template for SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) provides a Gradle-based build system. For more information, please see How to Create New Components.

Therefore, the following build instructions should generally apply for most, if not all, Spring Integration Extensions. In the instructions below, ./gradlew is invoked from the root of the source tree and serves as a cross-platform, self-contained bootstrap mechanism for the build. The only prerequisites are Git and JDK 1.6+.

Check out the sources

git clone git://

Go into the directory of a specific module

cd module-name

Compile and test, build all jars

./gradlew build

Install the modules jars into your local Maven cache

./gradlew install

... and discover more commands with ./gradlew tasks. See also the Gradle build and release FAQ.

Import sources into your IDE

Using Eclipse / STS

When using SpringSource Tool Suite you can directly import Gradle based projects:

File -> Import -> Gradle Project

Just make sure that the Gradle Support for STS is installed. Alternatively, you can also generate the Eclipse metadata (.classpath and .project files) using Gradle:

./gradlew eclipse

Once complete, you may then import the projects into Eclipse as usual:

File -> Import -> Existing projects into workspace

Using IntelliJ IDEA

To generate IDEA metadata (.iml and .ipr files), do the following:

./gradlew idea


Pull requests are welcome. Please see the contributor guidelines for details. Additionally, if you are contributing, we recommend following the process for Spring Integration as outlined in the administrator guidelines.

Creating Custom Adapters

In order to simplify the process of writing custom components for Spring Integration, we provide a Template project for SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) version 3.0.0 and greater. This template is part of the [Spring Integation Templates][] project. For more information please read How to Create New Components.

Staying in touch

Follow the Spring Integration team members and contributors on Twitter:


The Spring Integration Extensions Framework is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License unless noted differently for individual extension Modules, but this should be the rare exception.

We look forward to your contributions!!

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