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Spring Integration Samples

Revved up by Develocity

Welcome to the Spring Integration Samples repository which provides 50+ samples to help you learn Spring Integration. To simplify your experience, the Spring Integration samples are split into 4 distinct categories:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Applications
  • DSL

Inside of each category you'll find a file, which will contain a more detailed description of that category. Each sample also comes with its own file explaining further details, e.g. how to run the respective sample.

| For additional samples, please also checkout the Spring Integration Extensions project as it also provides numerous samples.

Happy Integration!


This (main) branch requires Spring Integration 6.0 or above. For samples running against earlier versions of Spring Integration, use the 5.5.x and other branches.

The project requires now Java 17 or above. To open the project in the IDE, use its import option against a build.gradle file from the root project directory.

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Below is a short description of each category.


This directory holds demos/samples for Spring Integration 4.0 Java Configuration as well as the Java DSL Extension.


This is a good place to get started. The samples here are technically motivated and demonstrate the bare minimum with regard to configuration and code to help you to get introduced to the basic concepts, API and configuration of Spring Integration. For example, if you are looking for an answer on how to wire a Service Activator to a Channel or how to apply a Gateway to your message exchange or how to get started with using the MAIL or XML module, this would be the right place to find a relevant sample. The bottom line is that this is a good starting point.

  • amqp - Demonstrates the functionality of the various AMQP Adapters
  • barrier - Shows how to suspend a thread until some asynchronous event occurs
  • control-bus - Demonstrates the functionality of the Control Bus
  • enricher - This sample demonstrates how the Enricher components can be used
  • feed - Demonstrates the functionality of the Feed Adapter (RSS/ATOM)
  • file - Demonstrates aspects of the various File Adapters (e.g. File Inbound/Outbound Channel Adapters, file polling)
  • ftp - Demonstrates the FTP support available with Spring Integration
  • helloworld - Very simple starting example illustrating a basic message flow (using Channel, ServiceActivator, QueueChannel)
  • http - Demonstrates request/reply communication when using a pair of HTTP Inbound/Outbound gateways
  • jdbc - Illustrates the usage of the Jdbc Adapters, including object persistence and retrieval
  • jms - Demonstrates JMS support available with Spring Integration
  • jmx - Demonstrates JMX support using a JMX Attribute Polling Channel and JMX Operation Invoking Channel Adapter
  • jpa - Shows the usage of the JPA Components
  • mail - Example showing IMAP and POP3 support
  • mqtt - Demonstrates the functionality of inbound and outbound MQTT Adapters
  • mongodb - Shows how to persist a Message payload to a MongoDb document store and how to read documents from MongoDb
  • oddeven - Example combining the functionality of Inbound Channel Adapter, Filter, Router and Poller
  • quote - Example demoing core EIP support using Channel Adapter (Inbound and Stdout), Poller with Interval Triggers, Service Activator
  • sftp - Demonstrating SFTP support using SFTP Inbound / Outbound Channel Adapters
  • tcp-amqp - Demonstrates basic functionality of bridging the Spring Integration TCP Adapters with Spring Integration AMQP Adapters
  • tcp-broadcast - Demonstrates broadcasting a message to multiple connected TCP clients.
  • tcp-client-server - Demonstrates socket communication using TcpOutboundGateway, TcpInboundGateway and also uses a Gateway and a Service Activator
  • tcp-with-headers - Demonstrates sending headers along with the payload over TCP using JSON.
  • testing-examples - A series of test cases that show techniques to test Spring Integration applications.
  • twitter - Illustrates Twitter support using the Twitter Inbound Channel Adapter, Twitter Inbound Search Channel Adapter, Twitter Outbound Channel Adapter
  • ws-inbound-gateway - Example showing basic functionality of the Web Service Gateway
  • ws-outbound-gateway - Shows outbound web services support using the Web Service Outbound Gateway, Content Enricher, Composed Message Processor (Chain)
  • xml - Example demonstrates various aspects of the Xml support using an XPath Splitter, XPath Router, XSLT Transformer as well as XPath Expression support
  • xmpp - Show the support for XMPP (formerly known as Jabber) using e.g. GoogleTalk


This category targets developers who are already more familiar with the Spring Integration framework (past getting started), but need some more guidance while resolving more advanced technical problems that you have to deal with when switching to a Messaging architecture. For example, if you are looking for an answer on how to handle errors in various scenarios, or how to properly configure an Aggregator for the situations where some messages might not ever arrive for aggregation, or any other issue that goes beyond a basic understanding and configuration of a particular component to address "what else you can do?" types of problems, this would be the right place to find relevant examples.

  • async-gateway - Usage example of an asynchronous Gateway
  • dynamic-poller - Example shows usage of a Poller with a custom Trigger to change polling periods at runtime
  • async-gateway - Example shows usage of an Asynchronous Gateway
  • errorhandling - Demonstrates basic Error Handling capabilities of Spring Integration
  • file-processing - Sample demonstrates how to wire a message flow to process files either sequentially (maintain the order) or concurrently (no order).
  • mail-attachments - Demonstrates the processing of email attachments
  • monitoring The project used in the Spring Integration Management and Monitoring Webinar Also available on the SpringSourceDev YouTube Channel
  • multipart-http - Demonstrates the sending of HTTP multipart requests using Spring's RestTemplate and a Spring Integration Http Outbound Gateway
  • rest-http - This sample demonstrates how to send an HTTP request to a Spring Integration's HTTP service while utilizing Spring Integration's new HTTP Path usage. This sample also uses Spring Security for HTTP Basic authentication. With HTTP Path facility, the client program can send requests with URL Variables.
  • retry-and-more Provides samples showing the application of MessageHandler Advice Chains to endpoints - retry, circuit breaker, expression evaluating
  • splitter-aggregator-reaper A demonstration of implementing the Splitter and Aggregator Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) together. This sample also provides a concrete example of a message store reaper in action.
  • stored-procedures-derby Provides an example of the stored procedure Outbound Gateway using Apache Derby
  • stored-procedures-ms Provides an example of the stored procedure Outbound Gateway using Microsoft SQL Server
  • stored-procedures-oracle Provides an example of the stored procedure Outbound Gateway using ORACLE XE
  • stored-procedures-postgresql Provides an example of the stored procedure Outbound Gateway using PostgreSQL
  • tcp-async-bi-directional - Demonstrates the use of Collaborating Channel Adapters for arbitrary async messaging (not request/reply) between peers.
  • tcp-client-server-multiplex - Demonstrates the use of Collaborating Channel Adapters with multiple in-flight requests/responses over a single connection.
  • travel - More sophisticated example showing the retrieval of weather (SOAP Web Service) and traffic (HTTP Service) reports using real services
  • tx-synch Provides a sample demonstrating the use of transaction synchronization, renaming an input file to a different filename, depending on whether the transaction commits, or rolls back.


This category targets advanced developers who are quite familiar with Spring Integration but are looking to address a specific custom need by extending the Spring Integration public API. For example, if you are looking for samples showing how to implement a custom Channel or Consumer (event-based or polling-based), or you are trying to figure out what is the most appropriate way to implement a custom BeanParser on top of the Spring Integration BeanParser hierarchy when implementing a custom namespace, this would be the right place to look. Here you can also find samples that will help you with adapter development. Spring Integration comes with an extensive library of adapters that allow you to connect remote systems with the Spring Integration messaging framework. However you might have a need to integrate with a system for which the core framework does not provide an adapter, so you have to implement your own. This category would include samples showing you how to implement various adapters.

  • advanced-testing-examples - Example test cases that show advanced techniques to test Spring Integration applications
  • dynamic-ftp - Demonstrates one technique for sending files to dynamic destinations.
  • dynamic-tcp-client - Demonstrates a technique for dynamically creating TCP clients.


This category targets developers and architects who have a good understanding of Message-Driven architecture and Enterprise Integration Patterns, and have an above average understanding of Spring and Spring integration and who are looking for samples that address a particular business problem. In other words, the emphasis of samples in this category is 'business use cases' and how they can be solved via a Messaging architecture and Spring Integration in particular. For example, if you are interested to see how a Loan Broker process or Travel Agent process could be implemented and automated via Spring Integration, this would be the right place to find these types of samples.

  • cafe - Emulates a simple operation of a coffee shop combining various Spring Integration adapters (Including Router and Splitter) see Appendix A of the reference documentation for more details. Implementations are provided for:
    • AMQP
    • JMS
    • In memory channels
  • cafe-scripted - Scripted implementation of the classic cafe sample application. Supports JavaScript, Groovy, Ruby, and Python.
  • loan-broker - Simulates a simple banking application (Uses Gateway, Chain, Header Enricher, Recipient List Router, Aggregator) see Appendix A of the reference documentation for more details
  • loanshark This extension to the loan broker sample shows how to exchange messages between Spring Integration applications (and other technologies) using UDP. file-split-ftp - Reads a file; splits into 3 based on contents; sends files over ftp; sends email with results.


See the Spring Integration Contributor Guidelines for information about how to contribute to this repository.


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