• May 3, 2016


     * relicense as Artistic-2.0 only (Ryan Graham)
     * Refer to licenses with a link (Sam Roberts)
     * Use strongloop conventions for licensing (Sam Roberts)
     * Fix bad CLA URL in CONTRIBUTING.md (Ryan Graham)
  • Nov 13, 2014


     * Updated directory name to make use of more events than just "error" (unless it was intentional). (Alex Voitau)
     * Fixed example for loading files. (Alex Voitau)
     * Update contribution guidelines (Ryan Graham)
     * Update package license to match LICENSE.md (Sam Roberts)
     * Update link to doc (Rand McKinney)
     * doc: add CONTRIBUTING.md and LICENSE.md (Ben Noordhuis)
     * Apply Dual MIT/StrongLoop license (Sam Roberts)
     * Replace old README with link to docs. (Rand McKinney)
     * Create docs.json (Rand McKinney)
     * Update README.md (Rand McKinney)
     * Create api.md (Rand McKinney)
     * remove unused blanket dependencies (Sam Roberts)
  • Jul 18, 2013